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Is anything bad going to happen to me if I smoke only 1 cigar for the first time?
no more after that. also, i mean anything bad like harmful

Ma An Jou
as long as is wasnt laced with PCP you should be just find kid.

If it is mariwana or mix with drugs or something, then your going crazy... It can damage your lungs or causing addiction on it, but if your just going to smoke a cigar that you bought in store then nothings bad gonna happen unless if inhale it from your mouth to lungs like the other guy said then you'll cough a LOT!!! Just be careful

No, just don't inhale buddy!

So you just want to try a cigar?
Well then pick out a mild one.
Don't try a strong stinker of a
stogey like a Dutch Masters or
you will get sick.
The first cigars I tried were
Swisher Sweets. They are
mild and a bit sweet. You can
get them large or small or
with a tip to keep tobacco
out of your mouth. I don't smoke
as a rule, and may have smoked
25 cigars in all my 42 years,
but it won't hurt you to try.

No, but you might really want to do it again. I don't think it's worth it to just smoke one and then have a temptation for a long time after wards which could jeopardize your health.

no it just makes u turn black YouTube - New Numa - The Return of Gary Brolsma!

Leave the tobacco alone. Pick something less addicting to smoke.

Y do u wanna smoke just once? Just to say u did it? Once wont hurt you unless you like it and it turns into a habit, a very nasty habit.

It depends on your age and your affinity. If you are under thirty and find it appealing, it is unlikely you will want to stick with "no more after that." Any smoker could tell you those are famous last words, and advise not to risk the addiction.

A one time smoke won't harm you at all. But it sounds like you are already attracted to smoking tobacco, and would smoke again if you like it. Maybe save it for a very rainy day later in life.

Why start a dirty and extremely dangerous habit at all???

Just say NO to smoking anything!!!!!!!!!!

Liz tx
no just quit now then you will be ok



Well if you cough and choke don't blame me for warning you. And your breath will smell bad. yup! I suspect it will.

Get ready to get sick at your stomach.

Not unless you are under 18, then you can be grounded.


stick man
No, only once won't do anything. If you really inhale, you will turn green and feel sick. At least that's what happened to me and I smoked my uncle's cigar when I was little.

Honestly, other than a sore throat , I don't think you have anything to worry about. No permanent damage. Don't be such a goody goody!!! :)

You may turn green and you may puke especially if you inhale it takes a while to get used to tobacco enuff to smoke a cigar not nothing anyone should do if they have never done it I am a 34 year smoker who wishes I had never had a smoke at all.I will say this if you are gonna do it wait until you vacation in Mexico or the Islands as Cubans are legal there man best smoke I ever had.

You might get physically ill if you inhale; nauseous, headache, etc.; some people just don't react well to that much nicotine when they aren't used to it. One cigar isn't going to give you cancer or emphysema or anything like that though.

Nope, you will be just fine. Go ahead and try out a good cigar.

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