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If you're sick, is it best to stay in bed all day and rest?
I've been around a few sick people these last couple days, I haven't been getting as much sleep as usual, and I haven't been eating as healthy as I normally do, so I got sick. I started feeling sick yesterday morning. Then as the day went on it got worse and worse. It's not HORRIBLE. Just a pretty bad cold I think. Last night my throat was sore, but today it isn't really. Basically I feel like I have mucus in the back of my throat, it's unpleasant to swallow, and I can't talk very loud

Basically the same symptoms I usually have when I get sick. Except I usually don't have this much of a problem talking (I just woke up so that might improve as the day goes on.)
I'm just wondering what's best to do when I'm sick? Is it best just to rest in bed all day? Or should I take it easy and maybe try and stay at my desk, and work on some papers I have to write? Or should I do that, then maybe go sit outside for some fresh air?

any advice would be awesome

Get some fresh air, go for a light walk. This really helps your overall mood and health feel better.

It's good to rest and stay in bed, but not all the time. You have to get up and get moving...just a little!

Edit: I wrote work instead of walk by accident, whoops. :/

Paramedic Girl
Resting, especially sleep, helps your immune system. So yes rest is a good idea when you are ill.
Drink some tea with honey it for your throat. If you get stuffed up take a decongestant, or steam the bathroom and breathe in through your nasal passages. If you cough up phlem, spit it out into a tissue instead of swallowing it.
You can do a litte work at your desk, then rest, then work a bit more and rest again.
Also, make sure you eat.. your body needs fuel. And wash your hands frequently.

I have always been told that plenty of fluids and rest is the best but sometimes we need to go to the doctor, my son was doing the same thing. He wasn't complaining about his throat but come to find out he had strep throat. so if not better and if your running a high fever you might want to go to the doctor.Good Luck

Allison R
I think so it will rejuvenate you.

dolphin lover 2007
if u r sick than u should stay in bed until u feel better. dat is wat i would do

I think steam inhalation thrice a day atleat with some hot soup will do wonders for you. if u are getting colds frequently u may have an underlying allergy so that may help. It is not must to lie in bed all day, but personally I think it helps. do try busying yourself in tv or a nice movie so u dont end up feeling sorry for yourself!

You should stay at home and rest!!!!!

get fresh air and dont do anything stupid.

Rainia W
I personally get better faster if I spend my whole time laying down and drinking fluids. Get up to go to the washroom and thats about it. Then I am usually ready to face the world full on in about 1-2 days. Most of my friends though, believe that if you can work, you should. Whether or not you are working at your best or infecting everyone else does not matter, and they usually get better in 4-5 days.

Open up your windows, but don't bother going outside. Lay in bed, air out your home, and relax.

ideally it would be best

I feel for you!! I hate being sick!! Go to the store and buy this medicine. Your suppose to take it when your cold or flue first starts. It works like a dream. It's called "oscillococcinum" made by Boiron. Also you might want to pick up some Airborne. I take these both when I am sick. They help a lot. Maybe some honey, tea, and lemon too. If I were you I would stay in bed or go to the couch with a pillow and blanket, watch movies and try to sleep as much as possible. Rest heals the body. I hope you feel better soon!!! www.ipetition.com/

sleep and lemon cures everything.

no, you should
-drink a lot of hot fluids (like soup, warm tea)
-be in a room with a lot of air from the windows (preferably with a few plants)
-wear a lot of clean, thick clothes (sweaters, etc)
-walk around every 20 minutes.

this is to maximize the healthy air in your body and get your internal structures moving. You should also sleep 10 hours every night.

Teddy's Mom
If you have a fever rest in bed. If you don't then I'd stay home and just take it easy. read, watch a movie etc....nothing active. Drink plenty of fluids. Feel better soon.

try to stay in bed and rest, but you can move around a little bit. Try to drink a ton of fluids, and eat/drink a lot of citrus stuff.(orange juice, lemonade, oranges, etc.) hope you get better!

suzie q
Could be a cold allerigies or sinus infection. Rest, drink alot of fluids . I drink green teas with honey. Don't forget homemade chicken soup.Drink juices and take zinc. feel better.

yes, rest rest and rest is the best think for your body. your body won't let you sleep if you dont' need it

embroidery fan
Stay in bed.

They say having a "common cold" takes as much energy as a 40-hour work week.

You aren't doing your work any favors if you do your work poorly, plus you're spreading the germs around!

Just get well, so you don't have a relapse & get even sicker!!

jamie681, Sweety stay in bed, drink plenty of water, stay warm and this too shall pass ! If you eat,chicken noodle soup, then back uder the covers !

Wendy S
I say do the latter: take a day for yourself, enjoy some fresh air and get done what you feel up to, but don't push yourself to get too much done. Sleep as much as your body tells you to, it knows best.

It's truly better for sick people to stay home, lest they spread the germs they're harboring. much like the people who got you sick. You don't want to get anyone else ill, and a day for yourself can be restful and a nice change of pace anyway.

Enjoy some tea, preferably with honey, it'll soothe your throat. If your throat starts to hurt more, mix half and half liquid Benadryl and Maalox and gargle it for at least 30 seconds. It's what we in my choir called "Wonder Gargle". It'll numb your throat so you can't feel the pain. The only caution I add here is to be sure you don't do anything to your throat while you can't feel it, such as eating chops and not chewing them all the way.

Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon! :-)

i think it applies to different people... doctors would say to you that you need to regain strenght and have a complete bed rest when you're sick...but me..when im sick i get up and do light tasks at home.if i stay in bed..i feel i get more sick

stay in bed .drink plenty of fluides & eat soup, take a nice hot bath & relax, stay in & rest. that would be my advise,i will pray 4 u.& the soup should help ur throat.

Dolly M
sleep is the best healer. Your whole body heals when you sleep. If i feel like im about to get sick - i sleep it off and when i wake up - i feel fab. You wont heal as quick without lots of sleep and fruit and veg (vitamin c) to combat the virus. x

Estrato Seis
yes bed rest and drink plenty of fluids w/o sugar.

Mallory T
lots a water healthy food and sunshine

lemon an honey works for the mucus...i just got over the same thing:)

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