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Shane S
If i touch someone while they're sleeping, would they feel it?

yeah, ever had a stick stuffed up ur nose in the middle of the night?
i have, i didnt imagine the pain

ifthey are deep asleep they certainly wont///////////////

It depends of this someone, if he is deeply sleeping, he won't wake up whether you hit him, but if he is light sleeping, he will wake up before touch him, by your breath.


Yes. but depend on how deep the person has gone asleep. but if that person sleeps very bad he/she won't even feel anything.

depend how hard you touch them to awake him/her.. or it depends if they are really asleep ;)

Tawi-Tawi boy
this is one ignorant maniac, asking dumb questions

i hate phil collins
dont touch people when they're sleeping.

in there dream,, yes.

most people would feel it , but i wouldn't

Try touching them on the nasal hair and you'll soon find out.

yes, subconsciously


Yes they would feel it, the question is how will thay react to the feeling?

Why would you want to touch someone while they are sleeping?...Is there more behind this question then meets the eye?!

Depends on how hard the touching is.

Count D
yes if they were dreaming...

no they dont if they are sleeping tight...

yes if they sleep lightly

yes as soon as they awake...

The False Prophet
If u touch them lightly, they wont feel it. but if u **** them they will know for sure!
Count Dracula

yes so leave ur dog alone it might bit

Ms. Breeze
Depends on if they are a heavy or light sleeper. They would feel it but maybe not consciously.

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