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amanda w
If i touch drugs and it gets in my system well soaking my hands in bleach remove it?

Brie W
No. Once into the system, it's in the system. Bleach will NOT REMOVE it. I don't know many drugs that can get into the system by just touching it. But my answer to AFTER its in the system, forget it! Furthermore, bleach can be caustic to the skin (read the label) and you will have done this for NOTHING!!! Best bet: LEAVE DRUGS ALONE!!!!!!!!!

Joshua M
few drugs can actually get in your system from just touching them. You have to ingest them in one way or another.

try it but first cut ur finger

Jammy D
Drugs don't get into your system by just touching them, unless you have an open cut and rub the drug into it then MAYBE a trace will show up in a test...

If you are worried about a drug test then just don't use.

the enchanted wizard of rhythm
If the drugs are already in your system, wouldn't you have to drink the bleach?

PS. Do not actually drink bleach. Bleach = poison

bri man
you're an idiot!!! of course not.

Sin 1
No touching drugs for a sec or so will not cause it to be in your system.You do not need to bleach your hands just wash with soap and water.

Sophia A
I doubt if it's in your system you can get rid of it by soaking only you hands! I think it might take away the smell...but that's all! LOL, I don't think that would work...sorry!

no it will probably not remove it it would depend on what type of drug you had on your hands.soap and water would probably do the job.

what? no probably not but u will burn ur skin!

Indigo F
Soaking your hands in bleach will poison you, don't do it! If you are really worried, you can drink one of those drug-removing system flushers (diuretics).

no no no ono no no non on on on onnon

Not if it's gotten "into your system".

no thats stupid. what kind of drugs?

Yeah, sure

bleech! r u kidding me? bleech is 1 of the scariest things on earth! stay away from it!


your such a good girl. if you touch drugs they usually wont get in your system.


Here is the best advice Don't Touch Drugs... but if you "have" to at least wear gloves... Silly.

i dont understand, if it's just your hands physically touching them what do you have to worry about?

You will just also introduce bleach to your system too.

Scott K
ummmm.....haven't been around many drugs have you? few will be absorbed in the skin enough to show up on a drug test.

Sara F
Bleach wont help you. Looking at your profile you would probably benefit from being soaked in disinfectant.

hell no!

No.... bleach will enter your system that way. And bleach removes germs and such, not drugs.

First of all not all drugs can be absorbed into the skin. Only very specificly made drugs can work on contact. I suggest that you try some soap and warm water.

Paula M
does soaking in dish soap "get in your system" while doing the dishes?

why are you touching drugs?

your skin is porous and most anything in contact with it can be absorbed i'm sure.

there are medicines that are obsorbed into the body through the skin. there's also the nicorette patches as one example.

i agree that the bleach will be obsorbed into your skin.

soap and water i'm sure are the safest if you need to get something off your skin.

OMG heres your sign, you might be a redneck if

you actually sat around to think of that!

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