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um yea hi
If cut off, can your tongue grow back?
I know its a strange, disgusting question, and for that I apologize. When I was in first grade, my teacher had cancer and was barely ever there. I could have sworn that my mom told me that they had to cut her tongue off, and that it would grow back, which I thought was impossible, but mym mom would never make that up. Some how it came up while I was talking with some friends and they thought I was insane, so I asked my mom and she said it sounded familiar but she wasn't sure. It's possible I misunderstood her, or that I dreamt it up or something, so I'd like to find out. So, will your tongue grow back if cut off?
Additional Details
I know it was crazy, but I could have sworn she said that.
No she was not teasing me, who teases about your first grade teacher whom you like a lot and has cancer.
I don't appreciate the answers that some of you are giving. I know it was a crazy question, and I thought that it was impossible for a tongue to grow back, but yet I thought it did only because I thought she told me that. I had a reason to ask.

Yes, that is true, people do it all the time without knowing it. They chew it and think it's chicken, swallow it, and it grows back over night.

I ♥ Tes
Yes, same with your ears and nose. Dont you know? Us humans regenerate at amazing speeds... GOSH

only one way to find out...

let us know how it goes! good luck! ;)


Jamie R
NO! It's not a flippin' lizard tail! Cheese and rice!

xzone fan..
no they can,t that,s whythey cut the tongues off the mummy,s

no that is why in the early days they cut off the tongue when they talked back to their parents. and such.


No it does not grow back. It's like any other body part a finger,hand,leg.... If cut off either in an accident or emergency surgery. It will not grow back.

The REBELution!



[THE] Indian

Your Mom at the time was just teasing you. Your tongue can not grow back. Well...only in cartoons I suppose.

Gary D

That's ridiculous!
If that's true, then why don't amputees' limbs grow back?

Since God promised to restore sight to the blind,
hearing to the deaf , the lame will leap... why not
expect a new tongue? For those who are battling cancer
or any grave condition, this is encouraging as
they cope & endure ...
Restoration in His due time, of course

I don't think that you can grow your tongue back fully if it were to be cut off.. it can heal slightly if split or pierced.

Marilyn B
No, it's a muscle and cannot grow back. The tongue is made mainly of skeletal muscle like that in your arms and legs.

P.S.-- It's a good question and I can understand why you asked it.

eman j
It will not grow back. Mainly, the most our body is capable of is creating a scar tissue to seal off wounds, even bones can not entirely regenerate, but they can fill a small space of fractured bone.

On the molecular level the body can do a lot, they can replicate new molecules, as this is a necessary function. Even the brain cells you are born with will be entirely replaced if you live your natural life span. But, this type of small-scale replication is not sufficient to reproduce a massive organ loss. It can repair small damage but not reproduce.

Basically, when a major loss of body part occurs the dna is lost, the program for construction disappears. This type of construction is only possible during your time in the womb.

However, with the tools of science they may one day be able to reinsert the program of the lost dna forcing your brain to reproduce a lost organ, much the way a computer can be reporgrammed to do other things. Basically, it is the code that tells your brain what to do. Once we find a way to interface with the human brain we can program it to create the body with whatever it could do at naturally during pregnancy. Further, with this technology we could even program it to do things that it could not before do, like create a third arm etc. . .

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