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If a person is given rat poison will it kill them?

Oo I don't know but if there poisoned with it have the person drink milk and then call 311 whoever it is unless they are being driven to the Emergency room.

Lil Shooter
about a table. spoon will do the trick

idk u should try it

Ben P
Yeah, yeah if you really want to know try it.

Why do you want to try it?maybe your worst enemy?lol

Mrs.Jim Sturgess<3
not if it is a small dosage, it will just give them like a stomach flu, lots of vomiting type reaction...if you are really concerned i suggest you call the nurses hot line probably located in the phone book or something

me :)
Not immediately from a small dose. A form of rat posion is acatually in ciggarets...

They woud have to eat it. Merely recieving it as a gift would not kill them.

It depends on the amount. Consuming a large amount (or small amounts over time) will kill you, but a tiny amount one time will probably only make you sick. It also depends on what you mean by "given"- people inject rat poison into their faces (aka Botox) all the time. They may be stupid blondes (no offence to any smart blondes out there, I'm talking like Paris Hilton types), but you don't see them dying from that.

Don't do it.

If the poison in question is Warfarin (or an analogue of this) and the dose is high enough then yes it will. It works by thinning the blood so has the potential to cause adverse physiological effects in humans as well.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know the answer to your sick question.

not a good idea, besides it takes more than one small dose to to do the trick,and it can be traced easily in an autopsy.dont do something you will be sorry for later.good luck.

no it wont when i was younger i ate some (i thought it was candy) and it didn't kill me. but you shouldn't do it. it will make the person vomit and why are you wondering this?

yes I saw it on a show called 'City Confidential' about murders and how they catch them. they can catch the person who poisons, always. lol

Well obviously if it can kill a big rat,then why couldnt it kill a human?

Zelda Fitzgerald
yes, contains cyanide

possibly..there is medicine.. Warfarin. It has rat posion in it. It helps to control blood level, but if they have to little there blood can clot and kill them o if they have too much it gets like water thin and that can cause them to become anemic which leads to leukima and sometimes death

yeah. you'd have to give them a lot, though.

duh!of course it.it is a brutal and painful death.you will first start to sweat vigorously and and then get really intense pain.its sick.

In a big enough dose, if it doesn't it will at least make them sick.

slushpile reader
In a large enough dose. Or smaller doses over a long period of time. Mostly though, I think it would just make someone really really sick.

By the way, attempted poisoning is the same as attempted murder if you were actually thinking of giving it to a person.

Yes, also depends on the amount.

yes. but they need a lot. its poison. well not a lot, but think of a ratio of rats to humans

My cousin committed suicide by ingesting rat poison. Doesn't take much. It is an excruciating way to go as well. You bleed to death from your stomach. It is very dangerous. Should not be laying around where children can get at it

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