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If Salad Gives Me Diarrhea, Should I Keep Eating Salad?
I've lost tons of weight because of it, but can't enjoy showing off my trim new figure because it's wreaking havoc on my social life. A dilemma? Stay at home on the pot and look good, or get fat again and have friends?

Lynna J
are you sure its the salad?

There are other ways to keep the weight off - stop eating the salads.

OK here is a big myth buster right here. salad itself is not what is causing you to lose weight because lettuce has no nutritional value what so ever. It is probably because you are eating less. But I do know what you mean. Salads do the same to me as well. Its called "ruffage" Most greens are that way. They move right through you. If I am not mistaken they sell stuff over the counter for this problem. I mean they do it for for people who cant handle dairy then why not for this. I would say in the mean time just cut back on salads. They are not the only food out there. Any food is fine to eat as long as you know when to stop.

Do you like having diarrhea? Quit eating salad!!!! There's other ways to lose weight.

Sorry, but that's what eating a lot of lettuce does. It's nature's laxative.

it's simple.
add salt to your diet, perhaps on boiled vegetables.

No, donot eat salad but do see a doctor and get help

Saladshooter! LOL! Buncha Sillies! I'll tell you nature's remedy for constipation though...TACO BELL!

No no no.

can i eat the diarrhoea

No...i wouldn't

Oh look. Another self centered bored spoiled brat who thinks that her existance is validated by what she looks like,and not what she can accomplish.


saved one
YES keep eating it and crap out the rest of your brains!!!

You won't get fat from not eating salad. Cut down the lettuce and stock up more vegetables. Try fruit and water. The best way to look good is to be healthy. Please don't be stupid and obsessed about your figure. There is such a thing as being too thin, guys will think they'll break you.

Ask your doctor. Maybe there is something else wrong.

Chicken Boyâ„¢
Lol, saladshooter.

Ms. Kitty to the rescue!
How much salad are you eating? I think you are having an overload of fiber. I would take it down a notch and substitute one salad for another healthy meal that is not salad. You're body is telling your that something is wrong and to stop it! Listen to your body and mix some other foods into your diet. As long as you are still eating healthy I don't think you will gain weight.
BTW some types of lettuce have loads of nutritional value including ribloflavion,iron,vitamen A,B fiber,etc. Iceberg is the lowest in nutrional content.

in alot of resteraunts, the preservative they use on the lettuce can cause diarrhea, buy the lettuce yourself, and wash it off with water only

you go girl, crap ur A** off

Your body is adjusting to the fiber. Give it some time. You'll adjust.

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