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If I do yoga, and I am christian, is that bad?

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I was reading a site about yoga, and it said that one cannot do yoga if they are christian becasue the positions are to honor the hindu gods. I was in shock!

YES you are going to hell : (

no there is nothing wrong with yoga

sarah r
no, why would it be?

Of cores you can do yoga its up to you and trust your instinct

Uhh, no...I don't think so. Yoga is a form of exercise.


what the heck? The two things are not related. Yoga is a form of exercise, and can be used as a relaxation technique. It has nothing to do with religion.

I was a christian and I did it for weight loss reasons.. and no it's not bad if you do it for weight loss... if you do it for concentration... not sinful but unproductive and unhealthy... and altogether futile... because the Lord can give you peace and the ability to concentrate...

why? don't christians like being in shape now?

The Nag

Of course, not. That is stupid manipulation. Don`t let confuse you...

no, why would it be bad for doing something that betters ones self


Valerie H
There is both a spiritual and a physical side to yoga practice. If your religion is a concern - then you should allow yourself to follow the physical side of the practice and not so much the spiritual.

There are some yoga places out there that are covertly tied into a cult-like religion... so if you go to a couple of yoga classes and feel creepy - just find another yoga studio.

Dan S

Why would it be, yoga is not a religion. True there are concepts that can border on a religion, but you don't have to go that far. For an exercise routine yoga is fine. For a religion, it doesn't make a very good one, but it can be connected to religions of the East. You don't have to explore those connections though.

Mike J
Why would that be bad? Is there any possible way that yoga could be bad?
No. There is nothing wrong with loving and accepting of other people and their ways of thought and reflection. It will not take you away from Christian beliefs, if you are a true Christian.
If anything it will make you faith stronger and a more tolerant, loving, and understand person. A more "Christian" person, in the real sense of the word, if you will.

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