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Emtie El ©
I think my doctor just raped me!?
I went in for a routine check up... everything is normal till he tells me to pull my pants down.... he starts prodding and squeezing my private parts.... next thing I know, he's forcing me to bend over. Then.... he violated me!
I don't know what to do! I think I should sue him. My girlfriend says they're supposed to do that, but I don't think what he did was right. He was so rough with me!
I feel so used and dirty!
What should I do???
Additional Details

Donegal Rose
Like you didn't enjoy it!!

he plugged you up the ***? or the front end? If so I would seriously call the cops on him AASAP and SUEEEEEE him for ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of money and get him Fired ASAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!

And life goes on
I am sure that it is a routine check up.I dont think he raped you.

He was checking youre Prostate probably to see if it was swollen..He should of told you what he was gonna do.

He didn't tell you he was checking your prostate?

Been watching "Family Guy" again, huh? You just got a prostate exam, idiot!!

He was checking your prostrate.

i like family guy too

What did you expect him to cuddle afterwards. Now if you had felt two hands on your shoulders and then a finger in the *** maybe you should worry.

Think you feel dirty now, wait till you get the bill.

You should send me your doctor's contact info...stat!

I'll take care of it. ;)

JT Francis
its called a prostate exame and its something guys need, just as women need breast exams

this is normal he proably didn't like doing it either alot of young doctors wont do it my husband has to have a d.o.t physical because he's a truck driver and this is one of the requirements and our young doctor never does this but if he goes to an older docter they always do this my husband hates it to so he prefers the younger docter

Turn your head and cough! He is checking for a rupture. The finger is to check your prostrate for inflamation.

This was probably a routine check to determine if your Prostate Gland was enlarged. And, sometimes, it is done to obtain a small amount of stool to test it for any blood that is not visible ( occult blood). Evidently, this was the first time that you had this test. However,the Doc should of explained what he was going to do before actually checking the prostate. If you truly believe that you were violated then you need to contact the Board of Medicine to notify them. In addition, notify the local police who will investigate your claim. Contact an attorney to help you with legal advice and the necessary steps to take. Didn't you ask the Doc what he was checking for ?? I hope that this helps.

Matthew M
Ever had your prostate checked??? Appearantly not! I'm sure that it was just part of the checkup, like how long has it been since you had one anyway?

Cool Dude
He was checking to see if your prostate gland was enlarged or hardened. It's right alongside of your rectum, and that's the only way to check it without surgery. Yes, it can feel uncomfortable and embarrassing, but it really is a routine part of an annual physical for adult men.

maybe your doctor is doing the testicular exam...you go to the doctor for a routine physical exam. your doctor is just doing her job honey.

mary s
You feel used and dirty, wait until Lois finds out!

mari m
I'm not sure how old you are but as men get older, usually after the age of 40, that's how they get their prostates checked. Some doctors think that checking prostates is important as early as age 30 or 35.

Either way, your doctor should tell you whatever he's going to do before he does it.

You could call the cops and press charges. Or you could file a report with your state medical board.

I'm sorry that this happened to you and I hope that it was just an innocent thing that your doctor did.

Lola Belle
He was checking your prostate for cancer you idiot! The prostate gland is easily accessible from the anus because it is right above the anal sphincter.

I think you watch too much family guy!

if ur being serious u should call the cops right now........

if ur not i think u might be hot for ur doctor (which is cool i have thoughts too)

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