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I swallowed a staple, what is likely to happen? What should I do?
Well it just concerns me, because it seems, at worst, it could cause some good damage. It's just a small normal sized staple, it might be opened or closed but I think it was an open one, it slipped through my throat and is now in my stomach. So any details on what might happen or advice on what to do would be appreciated. Don't recommend medical attension just for the sake of it unless you really think it is important. Thank you!
Additional Details
It happened about 20 minutes ago.

I was chewing on the staple and it accidently slipped back into my throat.

I have no stomach medical history or anything of the sort.

I'm in my teens.

Avoid magnetic fields


sue man
drink some milk to coat the lining of your stomach and eat some bread

What the hek were you doing that you swallowed this staple?

I dont think you should worry so much....It will just be pooped out....

in time all things shall pass

If you swallow a stapple you should eighter check it out with a doctor or swallow a hole spoon of peanut-butter.

Ok, I am not crazy.....When I was 2, I swallowed a stick pin and they put me in the hospital until I pooped it out. They were concerned about internal bleeding. I still have the pin, it is in one of my grandmas old Tucks containers (anyone else see the humor?) I think that they might be concerned about internal bleeding if it was an open one, but you will poop it out!

Nothing is gunna happen, the staple is thin enough to be melted by you stomach acid

how the heck do you swallow a staple?!

I would say just wait it out, if you have troubles then see a docter!

Wouldn't You Like To Know...
I think you should be fine ... it may be a little uncomfortable on it's way out though (if it was open). May I ask how exactly you swallowed a staple?

how old are you? have you had any surgeries on your stomach or bowels before? When did this happen?

Jennifer N
This is a tricky question. With luck it will pass just as any food would. But it my get stuck in your digestive lining and cause bleeding, pain or swelling to name a few problems.

Need to call the doctor it neds to be tracked to make sure no intrnal bleeding happens, go tell your parents now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It should come out. And it shouldn't do any damage but it could. If it hurts when it does pass stop if you can and get medical attention.

wait to take a dump


Laura D
This too, shall pass.

It is very important. Metal does not pass easy It could get hung up in your system and cause a infection. BM would need to be checked to see if it has passed. A doctor being on hand to X ray your tummy would be good and a hospital stand by for watch to pass it would be good. Even a hair can cause a tumor in the gut. Please See A Medical Center. O I do not mean to scare you but you cant be too calm about it. I passed a broom bristle when I was little and it was a big deal to me but I did not panic as it was like straw or some natural fiber you know earth metal is much different...Lately doctors are using cameras in capsule form to check body organs. But they are in capsule and Capsules are made of plastic or some matrix of whale bone to come in calcium forms The wait is for the capsule to come out in the stool. God Bless YOU I do not want you to be harmed...

it wouldn't hurt to phone y our doctor or hospital and ask. Hopefully you will just poop it out and be fine........no scratching or getting stuck in the process. Solution: Stop eating staples

I think you should seek medical attention just for the fact that it could tear/rip your intestines and that is not good.

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