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I swallowed a lot of bleach!!!!!!!! what do i do???
ami i gunadie????????

jenny p
good greif man r u on a suicide mission?

Vince M
Probably too late for any answer

And why are you drinking bleach? Whatevers goin wrong it ain't that serious.But in case it was, see ya at the crossroads.

are u messing around. hope so! why u drinking bleach anyway???

probably...unless yo go to the doctor IMMEDIATELY! Why were you drinking bleach anyway?

seeing as you're still here, I doubt you did. If you are stupid enough to do that, you either need to die, or call a poison control center...

By the way, that's not funny to joke about that. I've seen kids die from stuff like that and it's not cool or funny.

eat some white clothes and drink some hot water.

Boy Wonder
If you read my answer and you're still alive then you're either full of B.S. or........Man, you got the World's Strongest Stomach Lining!

thomas d
bet you did that to pass a drug test uh dumb ***? my friend did that and didn't die but for Christ sake there are better ways to beat a test.

If you are serious then drink milk...........

If you aren't then wait until you go to the loo and you will make it germ free as you pee!!

Yes you're going to die.

go to the doctor that is dangerous!!!!


give us your address so we can get an ambulance to your house right away.

drink some orange juice and a couple of ice cubes, it will make a great coctel in your tummy....
and get a brain wash cause you are not very smart if you´ve done that!

Drink lots of water and induce vomiting. Keep drinking water and vomiting until a doctor comes.

Posion controll Doctor RIGHT NOW! no more waiting without help this could be a BIG problem.

The Good Humor Man
Trust me when I say that if you had swallowed bleach, you wouldn't be able to write this as you would be wretching in a lot of pain that not even childbirth could compare to.

yup 'fraid so. goodbye

Markesha M
why would u drink bleach anyway. Well drink a lot of water and go to the doctor soon as possible.

yah - sorry you wasted your last few minutes here on answers


unless you feel sick you probably don't have to worry about it. throw up if you need to.

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