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I smoked weed once, will it show up on a drug test?
I smoked once in the past probably ten years, the problem is that it was last weekend. I may need to take a drug test within the next week or so. Do I need to worry about it showing up in a Urine test?

After 10 years ago, it won't be in your urine or blood, but it would be in your hair if it has not been cut, so unless you are a bird with long hair or a hippy, you are fine.

ItAIliAn BLONdie!

=) ♥
it will show up in the urine test.
to get rid of it, sweat as MUCH as you can
and drink ALOT of cranberry juice.
it cleans out your system, good luck

kinky J 07
nah m8 yer cool inless you had it in the last 4 days

Britney S
I don't think so lol

Naw, if you dont do it much then I wouldnt worry. If you are worried a lot then I would go to GNC and buy a cleanser. There like 30 bucks but it cleanses you out pretty well.

If you are not a regular smoker, the chances are that you won't have enough THC in you to even trigger concern.

no dont worry about it ..... just drink coffe before taking it...

Just don't smoke anymore and drink alot of water. You'll be just fine.

R. P
absolutely not. Most tests are good for 90 days max. the only way longer than that, is to test a strand of hair,,, that was there 10 yrs ago and is still on your head.

Naaa your good just drink plenty of water and cranberry juice just to be sure but don't paranoid you'll be ok regardless, come back and let us know how things went

Mara M
yes, it will. it goes away in about 2 months, or three. you can even find a trace of it in your hair.

drugs stay in your system for a while. Unlike alcohol, it does not "sweat" out either. I believe if memory serves me correctly that it usually takes from one month to three months to totally get out of your system depending on the drug and its potency. I'm sorry keep looking around ...good luck!

I am not sure but think that it will come in test


the drug gets out of ur system in about month

noo it wont, you have to smoke A LOT for it to stay in your system. just drink a lot of water/or cranberry juice. That will help you clean your system even faster

no you dont need to worry at all its abit like food it stays in ur body for the same amount of time so by now it would have definatlly gone

Yes it will show up on any test you take. For the next 60 days on a urine test and blood test. 6 months on a hair test and shaving your head won't help. They will take hair from other areas of your body and if you show up having suddenly shaved every hair off your body I think it will be a little suspicious, don't you?

dylan n
you should be good if it was ure first time in a long time . it should only take 3- 4 days to pass

if they are doing a drug test yes it will show up. it stays in you body for 3 months, but if they do a drug test by ur hair they can see any drug u have done in the past 6 months..... if u want to pass the drug test i recomend u to go to a store were they sell bongs and pipes and they sell detox u drink it
and pee any drugs out and then go pee for the test but it only last a few hours were it wont show up.

trust me im a pothead...

no as long as you don't do it again within 3 days of the drug test

Its gonna stay in your system for atleast a month bro! uh oh....


if u smoked last weekend then it is going to come out in the urine test.. for weed to get out of your system it takes about 3 months.. take niacin that you can get from wal-mart, and also drink a lot of water to flush your system, you can also get system cleaners at GNC just dont tell them why you need it because they wont sell it to you.. and drink a lot of cranberry juice..

Memphis Brittany
No, it will usually clear your system within 30 days

they say "light use" will make you fail for 2-7 days any you only did it once a week ago so you should be fine.

David W
I don't think so,, ,,,depends on how much you smoked that day.

yes it might show up, you could try an herbal flush ask/ look in cvs drugstore

Bless you that will NOT show!!

Dont worry about it, if you do just tell em (coppers) someone offered me some and i had a smoke. if they ask who, just say someone in a club. Im told it stays in yout blood for 2 weeks but i rekon they were scare mongers. dont worry about it. They dont find it unless theyre looking for it. i rekon anyway.?

There is a possibility it will show up on the test, depending on how much you smoked and the percentage of THC the test detects.

But most of the time, people who don't smoke often don't have to worry because the percentage of THC is too low to detect.

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