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I keep feeling tired and lifeless?
no matter how much i sleep i keep feeling lifeless....
whats wrong with me
Additional Details
as some of you said i feel that depression is the main cause..... is there any way to heal this without seeing a doctor?

im snazzy
I have that problem too. For a while i had absoulutly no idea what was wrong. I researched and found out that it was either diabetes or brain tumor.

p v
What is your diet? Do you eat a lot of white bread, pasta, donuts, pizza, candy, soda? You may be border-line diabetic.

Eliminate these for a week. Eat meat & dairy (whole milk, cheese, yogurt) every meal. Some beans, vegetables, some fruit. Do not trim fat from your meat.

Do you take vitamins every day? I started taking them about a month ago (like a multivitamin) and it's really helped.

Shelbi M
take some vitamins or exercise

President & CEO
It can be a medical reason, so check you doctors... if NOT!


ya need to see a doctor....could be low in Vitiman B-12 or your thyroid is low...get it check...could be serious....check out WebMD

Apple Tart
Are you eating a healthy and well balanced diet? Are you drinking water? Are you consuming too many refined carbs (white bread, white pasta, etc)? Refined carbs break down quickly giving you a major energy slump. Are you pregnant? Early pregancy can make you extreamly tired. You should see a doctor to make sure your fatiuge isn't a symptom of something more serious. Good luck and take care.

You might be anemic. Check with your doc.

feeling lifeless can't be killed with sleeping alot you need to be happy to feel alife for real i belive your not so happy in your life have a good time with some good friendes and you'll feel great you try it and come give me my 10 pointes lolz .

Might be anemia.Go see the doc who will prescribe either tablets or injections!
Don't forget you need lots of vitamin C to absorb the iron into the blood!
It wouldn't do any harm to start taking a multivitamin with probiotic!Multibionta is brilliant!

Rob B
I have the same problem, and I think I've narrowed it down to a potassium deficiency. That seems to be the key, I feel much better when I've eaten enough high-potassium foods. I orignally discovered the link when I started eating bananas (which I'm not crazy about) to deal with these really painful charley horses I was getting in the mornings - felt like I had been shot in the leg. Someone suggested upping my potassium intake. The charley horses went away and I also had more energy. When I stop eating high-potassium foods I enter a slump again. I also suffer from depression which I control through meditation (not medication - though I don't judge people who do - whatever works) so that might be your problem too.

Wisdom Seeker
Depression is a real possibility besides anemic. Only eat food that is not man made for half a day or so. Have an apple for breakfast, nothing else. If you still have no energy by lunch hour call a doctor and ask about depression.

Have you considered stress or depression maybe even low iron level,blood test can help narrow down causes.Hope you figure it out and get to feeling better.

Could be the disease of Lyme, or something mental. Are you, or have you been depressed?

You should see your doctor.

Jeff S
grab a dew

a number of things can cause a person to become lethargic and just plain tired and listless all the time:
blood sugar instability
poor diet
thyroid disorder
sleep apnea
vitamin deficiency
seasonal affective disorder(lack of vit.D or sunshine)
You might want to check with your doctor for his opinion. Good Luck and I hope you begin to feel better soon!!!

Jwanna J

Me too, could just be the changing of the seasons

that could be a lot of different things. Mono (but i think then you'd have swollen glands) Chronic Fatique Disorder, Depression, Sleep Apnea, etc. You should definetly talk to a doctor! thats not a good way to feel everyday.

That is a classic sign of an underactive thyroid, known as hypothyroidism. People with it are also prone to depression and weight gain. No matter how much exercise they take and how careful they are with diet, nothing changes.

Get your Doc to do a thyroid function test but be warned - tolerance ranges (reference ranges) are so wide that many people who are sub-hypothyroid get told there's nothing wrong with their tyroid when there actually is. Check out http://thyroid.about.com/mbiopage.htm

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