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that kid
I havent smoked weed for a month and a half, then i took 1 small hit of a joint last tuesday. positive test?
i have to get a drug test because i was caught with weed at school and i have been drinking lots of water and pissing a lot

Not sure...but you can go buy one at wal-greens and see if you pass that one...they sell them in the pharmacy section!! Good luck....quit smoking weed!!!

paranoid much, you do the crime you do the time.

Linda M
different bodys dispose of the weed in the system faster and slower. My friends was surprisingly in the clear after 3 days of no weed. Maybe that was a miricle... but it is true!

u are screwed! shouldnt have been smoking in the first place.

I am sure it would be positive. You should stay away from it if it got you into trouble. I think weed stays in your system for a month. And hair tests show even more information on how long since your last use.

Looks like you are in trouble. . . . .(again)

Shave your head and balls (just for the fun of it). :)

Wow you arent too bright.

You should drink plenty of water--- especially right before you take the test--I know someone who does it all the time because of parole officer-- Dont smoke the day of the test you should be fine...

Delta-9-THC is a chemical found in weed which is fat soluble, which means it will store itself in fat cells, so you may also want to exsercise a bit too. how much weed did you smoke before you stopped for that month and 1/2? because depending on the frequency of your smoking it, it can stay in your for longer. where as if you are just an occasional smoker, it can stay in your system for only 10 days <-- that's like a you having about 6 or 7 hits every 7 days - - approx.! it's not written in stone because everyone's body processes substances in a different way and speed. but keep drinking that water though - - and drink lots of coffee! cafeine is a diuretic which means not only does that water in the coffee that went threw you come out as urine, but any other water in you (that you didn't drink that day, it's just moisture keeping oyur organs alive) will be pulled into your bladder as well, mildly dehydrating you - don't worry, you won't die of dehydration as long as you still drink water - but i advise you not to add anything to the coffee as sugar and milk (which has sugar in it) will add to your fat which is primarilly where the drug has settled.

Yes, you will test positive. Fall on their mercy & plead for forgiveness. Just kidding. If it is your 1st offense maybe they will go easy on you. Otherwise, live with the consequences and vow to change for the future. Try getting involved in a support group.

Weed stay with you. Actaly weeb can be found in your hair. Until you cut your hair, it can come up positive. Idk about a piss test but my friend is a drugy so when he got tested they did a hair test and he came ep positive for weed. if they do a piss test idk if ur safe.

I speak from my own experience here, I did the same thing but toked it about 3 times, the way I understand it, your weight & metabolism has a lot to do with it and the drug test does have an "acceptable" amount, where you can still pass. Its time to enjoy 2 cups of green tea and 8 full glasses of water everyday and if you only had a toke or 2 and assuming you where clean to begin with you will pee clean with in 3 days min, 7 days max, depending on you weight. I passed after 5 days.

Good luck brother!

try drinking a detox before your test and you should be fine.... you can get them at vitamin stores.....they are kinda expensive but it worked for me...

natalie saporta.
Yeah, keep off the drugs buddy.

don't listen to some of the people here that are telling you(you shouldn't have done it in the 1st place)<<<<thats stupid!i am sure it will come out positive!

Yep, you sure will. Drinking and pissing a lot will have little, if any, effect on your test results.

jaackieee :]
no, unfortunatly. my teacher told us a story about how her husband had a small hit of marajuana about 3 weeks before his job interview to be a police officer. they had to give him a drug test to make sure he was safe. he failed the test and was rejected. the police told him that it takes about a month for the drug to fully 'exit' the body and for you to become positive again.

so it looks like bad luck, but i would try detoxicating products found at local stores.

Obese Evangelical
When is the test?

If soon, you could test positive.

yeah it could come up positive. time to grow up?

Aravind S
its positive


Try a detox kit, otherwise it can take a full month for weed to leave your system. Alternatively get hit by a car?

stupid, it should show up

devin d
yeah sorry.

yeah it will be positive out come if you take a test today.. try drinking cranberry juice and taking azo pills. that will clear you out asap.

Stephen G
BUSTED .................................

Tina T
Yes, you will be positive.

It can take 3 to 30 days to get out of your system depending on how much you smoked but to be safe you should stick to the 30 day mark.

won't help drinking water or pissing. Pot stays in your system for quite a while. Nothing you can do will help you pass the test except QUIT smoking it.

It sounds like you are gonna fail the test.

You sir are screwed :(

Brett H
You will probably be all right. If you were clean when you smoked it, and only took 1 hit, you should pass easily.

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