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I have lost the ability to control my, well....farts. Any tips?
Sorry if this sounds sarcastic, but I seriously cannot hold back my farts anymore. I don't know what to do. This is a serious question, I'm not just messing around. Thank you.

♥ be happy ♥
there are medications for that.

PoO pOo HeAd
maybe you have gas

Phil Conners
Bean-o or Gas X. Both are available at your local pharmacy.

That Girrl♥

maybe you are lactos
see a dr.
cough when you fart so no one hears it

yea so what , stop eating gassy stuff and take beno , gas control pills

get some of that releife stuff you put in your mouth well like go to your doctor and ask if there is anything to hold your gas back

larry d
try beano


i dunno why you cant but its not good to hold them back anyway

Fleur N
look it up on google for what makes you do that. if its still going, go see the doc, because docs can do anything =]=]

or maybe you want to cut back on beans. their horrible and make you pass gas.

=]=] --fleur

Get a dog. or go to a gastroanthropologist

Dark Shadow
Put a drying sheet thingy like bounty on ur pants n when u fart, it won't stink. got it off a tv show.

You could be lactose intolerant or just be prone to intestinal gas. Have you tried cutting back on dairy or taking those pills that help your body to tolerate the dairy products. You could also try taking Beano, those do work. Do you consume a lot of soda? That can cause excessive gas. You could also try Acidollphilus (sp?) tablets, they can help balance your intestinal tract to cut back on the gas. That's about all I can think of. (he-he you said fart - sorry, can't help it, funny word).

By any chance, are you currently working on giving up smoking? The problem you have is one of the things you have to get thru when you quit smoking. It will get better.

The Midnight Mariachi
go ask a doctor

no more anal i am serious....................................
i am just a azz dont mind me

mld m
Time for a serious diet check. If that doesn't do the trick, try a dietitian, for an educated diet check. If that doesn't do the trick, Excuse me please. All Kidding aside some people do have medical problems, including swallowing more air than average when eating or drinking.... right on down to much more complicated issues. Then it's doctor time---gastronomy--if your lucky...
Good luck.

I think its called gastritis, when you can't hold them in or something. You should see a doctor to atleast help you lower the gasses you pass a day

Do you use a lot of splenda in diet drinks? That is one problem with this product.

thats is wierd. get it checked out by a docter.

Betrayed and Insane
Dont eat foods that make you gassy

Eat more fiber and veggies and fruit to clean out your system

the Boss
This is a good opportunity to find out who really loves you.

Be very cautious as they are a fire hazard

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