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I have been sick for two days and haven't drank or ate anything... what can I eat?
I have been vomiting with diarreha for 2 days now. I went to urgent care this morning and was told that I probably have food poisining. All food sounds gross to me

Is there any food that will be easy on my stomach that I wont throw up? I'm not even hungry but I know if I don't eat something soon I will get sicker.

beer,it has nutrients in it and the alcohol kills some of those food poisoning enzymes


ensure - enough protein to put nutrition in your body also soft and easy on the tummy

instant chicken noodles

Tamara-- Brutally honest
ginger ale
chicken soup
an apple(i can't eat apples I'm deadly allergic, but iv'e heard it helps)
maybe a little bit of yogurt
blueberry juice
goats milk(my aunt is lactose intolerant, and she drinks it and i tried it and it's actually really good. not acidy and weird)

Jay J

If you have a juicer, then juice up some stuff.

Yes, sweetie, you are sooo right -- if you don't manage to get something into your body soon, you are going to get a whole
lot sicker, probably causing you to have to go to the hospital,
where you can get I.V. fluids. I am not a doctor but this is very similar to the I bad intestinal virus that was going around my son's high school. Our son brought it home because it was very contagious and I was sick for about seven days. My 15 year old is a big guy (6'4") and though he was sick, he was thirsty more than anything, but he just could not keep anything down until around the end of the third or the fourth day. My son's teacher had a little different version of this illness but she only had it for about three days. Our family doctor did not prescribe any kind of antibiotics for the viruses that my son and I had, but he did give us different medication because our son usually responds and bounces back faster than I do.
However, I could be very wrong about this illness you have.

What I do know is that you need to try to get something like
Gatorade, PowerAde, Sprite, Seven-Up, Ginger Ale or water into your system, sipping slowly and small amounts at one time. My doctors always tell me to stay on liquids for a day or two to see if they are going to stay down, then I can progress to some softer foods. I usually feed our son some chicken broth (make sure is is not greasy), whatever liquid (Gatorade,
Sprite, Seven-Up, etc.) to stay down, but the key is to sipping it slowly to help keep it from coming back up. Since you have already had this for two days, there is a really good chance that a lot of the toxins that were in your body may have been flushed out. But you still need to to try to sip some chicken or vegetable broth and lots of fluids, but stay away from all dairy and acidic products (tomato soup) until your stomach calms down some so it will not curdle and come back up. If you can keep things like the chicken or veggie broth down, Sprite, Seven Up or Gatorade, then move up to things like chicken noodle soup, non-spicy Ramen-type noodles, crackers, thin mashed potatoes (made from instant mix with water and very little margarine) and jello. Once you can keep some of these down, you can try soft but very blah solid food such as rice, a
baked potato (with only some salt and a little magarine, if you can take it, a tiny bit of cheese), macaroni, and maybe some instant oatmeal, but keep eating the things like crackers and jello to help settle your stomach.

You do not want to force the thicker foods down right now because your body is not going to like it. If you slowly start introducing small sips of liquids back into your diet, then work up on a daily basis, that should keep you out of the hospital. Both broth and Gatorade contain a whole lot of minerals and electrolytes that your body loses when you get sick like this.
Just remember, drinking liquids slowly is better than guzzling!

If you continue having diarrhea after about the 4th day, ask whomever you live with to go to the pharmacy or grocery store and get you some anti-diarrhea medication to help slow you down. Keep drinking though. It is best to get as much of the toxins as you can out of your body, but by the fourth day, if soup, broth, Sprite, Seven-Up, Gatorade, and water are stilll running right through you, you could try some over-the-counter Imodium, and if by the 5th day, if nothing has changed whatsoever, even though you have tried getting some of the above items to stay down, then go directly to your doctor, who may give you prescriptions or need to admit you to the hospital for dehydration. Some viral or bacterial infections can last up to a week or ten days, but your body can not take that, especially if you are unable to keep any liquids at all down. Your doctor may prescribe some anti-nausea medication such as Phenegran or Zofran and maybe
a different or stronger type of anti-diarrhea medicine for you.
The important thing is to NOT let yourself get so dehydrated that you have to go into the hospital for I.V. infusions of saline and glucose. The majority of these lesser viral and bacterial infections usually tend to clear up within about 3 to 5 days. So
anything longer than 4 or 5 days means you are not getting any better and you need to get a doctor's advice as to what he thinks is best for you.

What an awful way to start out the new year! I hope that these
suggestions that my doctor has given my son and me are of some help to you and that you feel a lot better as quickly as possible. Best of luck to you, hun! Hang in there, slowly trying
to get some vitamins and electrolytes back into you and I think
that within a few days, you will hopefully start feeling much better! :-)

look, you don't know if you are going to throw it out. therefore you just need to try. start with light stuff like a rice cracker or biscuits. hope you get well soon

try some near burned toast llittle butter on the toast hot milk poured over it it is good my granpas recipe

veggie broth- 7up or gingerale - and after a few sips of broth try a cracker or chip of some kind - the broth works magic when you are feeling bad

Bread, rice, crackers, boullion....anything very light and lacking grease or heavy seasoning. Just eat very slowly while your body readjusts. Hope you feel better soon!

Try a banana or yogurt.

It is more important that you get fluids than solids. A human can survive without food, but not without water for very long... You should not force solids until you feel you can actually tolerate them.

That being said, don't start gulping down water (or anything else). The best best is to take small sips every 5-10 mins and gradually increase how much you drink until you feel hydrated. If you do not get hydrated on your own you will end up in the hospital with an IV that will have to do it for you. Hope you feel better!

Toast, soup, crackers, and ginger ale!

Those are the best things to eat when your sick, chew them good just in case they come up


Crackers and Gingerale

Also drink some Electrolytes - like GAtorade to restore some salts.

Erm well, i try to eat toast as it seems to be the easist thing to eat, maybe try that? nothing on it really, butter maybe.
I've also heard its the best thing to eat when you are feeling sick and being sick. Hope it works:) x

saltine crackers and drink ginger ale

Plain toast and applesauce.

rice, applesauce and bannanas are all binding.

Dashing Geek
The standard diet when you have gastroeneteritis is called the BRAT diet - bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. All are good for your situation.

You must drink water because you will be dehydrated if you have been vomiting and diarreha, at least 8 glasses a day.

I would eat a bland diet; crackers, rice, etc. Don't eat a lot, just a little at a time over the course of the day. You have to keep your strength up.

Also, 7-Up or Ginger Ale is a stomach settler, so drink some of that.

Toast, no butter no nothing, just plain toast. Cures a hangover, fills the stomach when you're sick and digests easy so you're stomach wont get upset. You can also try some plain Melba toast. Hope you feel better soon.

Chicken broth is a good choice. It gets some fluids into and also has a little residual from the high antibiotic use in the commercial poultry industry.

its natural to lose ur appetite when ur sick...if thats the case i wish i was sick everyday...j/k

u wont get...sicker...lol

try soup if u want something to eat or to make u feel better tea?

Emma. ♥
This may not be something to eat, but if you haven't drank anything in the last two days start NOW. If you don't drink anything you will become very dehydrated, if you aren't all ready at the moment. That's the last thing you want, going to the ER for dehydration. Your supposed to drink lots of liquids when your sick, I thought everyone knew that?

Geoff G
Saltine Crackers and Ginger Ale. The salt, and the carbonation, help out.

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