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lisa c
I have a problem needing the toilet everytime i stand up?
its a horrible feeling to need the toilet but when i get there i dont need to go but i feel i do and have to stay on the toilet but when i get up i have to go and sit down and hope the feeling goes away i cant do anything where i have to stand for long periods of time
Additional Details
its not for a wee its for the other end

Stay seated...

just dont pay attention to the feeling

slipknot freak

bladder infection. i thinkk it's called urinary tract infection. look it up on webmd.org

maybe you should go see a doc soon.

Sounds like a UTI (urinary tract infection or kidney infection). Go to your Dr. and tell him what is going on. You will pee in a cup, and they will check to see what the problem is. Everything you are saying though I am almost positive that it's a UTI. Go to the drugstore and buy AZO Standard tablets. They help control urges, and makes you feel comfotable until you go to the Dr, or until you finish your antibiotics to heal. Don't NOT go to the Dr because it makes you feel better, you still have an infection that needs to be taken care of. This medicine extremely helps with the discomfort. Just to let you know, it turns your pee bright orangish/red. So don't freak out like you are peeing blood or something. If you try AZO, and you feel a lot better, then it is a UTI. Still though, go see your Dr.

I get exactly the same thing.
I find it's caused if I hold my pee for a long period of time before I can make it to the toilet.
It sounds like you could have some kind of infection or lapse.
Go and see your doc and they'll put it right with some medication shortly.

God Luck. x

Patricia B
Go see a medic most likely cause is High constipation you do empty lower bowel the higher up is blocked so you never feel comfortable this need properly investigation ,it causes pressure and you get need toilet.
Longer term management High fibre diet and plenty fluids but you need to know root cause and have it treated, Take care I hope you feel better soon.

I assume you mean that you always feel like you need a wee?

This is quite common in women. You do need to get a sample of your urine tested by your doctor to rule out urine or bladder/ kidney problems.

In the meantime, drink at least 2 litres of water a day, that way when you get the urge to go at least you will have a full bladder. You may find that a tiny amount of urine in your bladder is triggering the urge for you to go, even though there is not enough for you to pass.

Edit - OK.......... you should make an appointment at the Doctors really. It might not be anything to worry about but you should get it checked sooner than later incase there is a problem.

Glue and a cork might work

lilian c
i would go the doctor it could be a urinary infection or diarrhoea

First thing do u find any pain at that time? if yes the rush to doctor, its very dangerous. If there is no pain, it may be a pscological. Do you remember when this problem started?Possibly that should be in a public toilet. I suspect that as a problem. Its a kind of sighness. Even though u are used to urinate in public toilet, from ur chidhood, it depends on the mental pressure. When you want to urinate, u have to be relaxed first, otherwise u cant in tensed state. Once you get tensed because of something, normally in toilet due to uncomfortablity due to other persons presence, whom u may dislike, may cause the same problem. But when you try to urinate next time, your brain will try to access the informations when u tried previous time, that bring back the tension of u may be failing in urination. So the be relaxed, avoid others presence around where u urinate. Or use the toilet room for urination. This may be a solution. Drink more water, that will solve many problems in urination, if u are not able to solve urself, then visit doctor.

Isn't there some kind of abdominal problem that has cramping and issues? I would see a medical clinic, doctor, nurse, someone. Sounds rough.

see a doctor
it may be a disease or something

see the doc you may have a prolapse

It may make a difference depending on if its a number 1 or a number 2.

Could be an infection , a swollen something (Could be cancerous but thats rare)

If its the number 2 It could be hemorrhoids or a blockage? Either way it something that should be told to a doctor. I am no doctor but eating a higher fiber diet and more water can help depending on the problem.

do you feel like you need to pee but can't? if so, sounds like a Urinary tract infection. They're horribly uncomfortable and is considered urgent because that can become a kidney infection if not treated. last time I had that happen it was in the middle of the night. I was told by a nurse to go to the ER. if you have a consulting nurse line get off the computer nad call NOW.

if its a bowel problem well I don't know what to tell you but still see your doc.

Tessa T
poor dear. I've got a gluten intolerance that melted the villi off of my intestinal lining...i feel as though i must use the toilet constantly. please go to the doctor. This isnt normal.

i would think this has a connection with the sphincter muscles and you should see your doctor because if I'm correct it will mean you need surgery and they need to be cut as they have tightened and that cases you to feel you need bowel action, its nothing to worry about just uncomfortable

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