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I have a drug test in the mornning and im dirty with crystal meth what can i do to flush body before 9:00am?

Ur skrewed *****!! hahaha LOL

Drink clorox.

(no don't do it really, it'll kill you, but I bet a meth head like you would have done it, wouldn't ya?)

smoke some more snort some more shoot up some more, don't worry about the drug test if you do enough your pee will come out clean

If it's for a job, better apply for a different one after you're clean. If it's for your probation officer, guess you'll be sleeping in the "dorm" tonight.
Upside: You won't be lonely tonight
Downside: Neither will BUBBA

you are screwed

lol u r screwd

I'm not sure if this is going to help but have you tired de-toxic pills? It's work with me on XTC & other but I've never done Meth. But it's worth a try.

U CAN try to fludh everything out with a laxtive enmea i have heard that works sometimes

Skot M
you're up the proverbial creek without the said paddle.

i'd be looking for a new job, or better yet checking into rehab while you hopefully still have your teeth.

Tiffany A
The last thing I would be worrying about is failing a drug test. I am not judging you for I have made many mistakes...but you need to get help. I had to watch someone that I love dearly go through meth addiction. Meth will grab hold of your soul...don't think that it can't happen to you...even if you've only done it once that is all it takes. I wish you the best of luck! Take care of yourself!

man from utopia
1.Hemodialysis.....Don't try this at home.

2.McDonald's is hiring.

3.Drink antifreeze ( My dog drinks it like gravy.)

4.Try being homeless (& on crystal meth) Chicks dig this.

5.Pat Robertson will pray for you to pass your drug test.

Just pull down the handle and don't forget to wipe and wash.

Drink lot of water the sustance crystal meth will pass into urine

Don't you know that stuff will kill you! There's no way to get it out of your system so soon.Best thing to do is go to a clinic and get off this stuff.

Nothing. You've dug your own hole.

Soul Rebel
Why were you stupid enough to take meth in the first place?

I shouldn't even be helping you in cheating a drug test.....but ok, what the f***....

Most drugs or substances wear off after 48 to 72 hours (fairly safe and educated guess)...

Good luck....and I hope you quit that meth S***. Peace.

Daniel H

Nothing, it's too late. Get the pee of someone of you age and gender, with as few health problems as possible. Hurry, you only have a few hours left.

Listen to me and this WILL WORK. About 3 hours before the drug test start drinking faucet temperature water. Drink enough so you have to pee every 15 to 20 minutes. About 1 hour before your drug test take a couple of tablets called Golden Seal which can be purchased at any health food (vitamin ) store. The water will flush your system clean quick enough that the meth won't have time to get into your pee and the Golden Seal will add natural color so it won't be detected.

P.S. This will pass your test for you, but you need to learn from this and STOP taking ANY drugs before you hurt or kill your dumb self. Good Luck.

Adam Gerard Nix
Of course you've learned the errors of you way and promise to never do that again, right? There's little hope that you'll pass but if I were in your shoes I'd stay up all night drinking at least 2 gallons (not quarts or half gallons) of cranberry juice. It'll make you pee and pee with-out having ''crystal" clear urine, which is a red flag. It's prescribed to clean out urinary tracts where proof of your drug use lays.

vickie g
Do you know what type of test you will be given?
If its the hair follicle type--your not gonna pass it, and there's no getting around it. If its the urine test, you could try getting some clean catch from someone and try slipping it in--even if you fail,--it sounds like its a 911 situation anyway.
Is there any way you can postpone the test-like an emergency or something? That would at least buy you some time.
I try not to judge anyone--but maybe this is the wake-up call you need!! Good luck to you!!!

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