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fadi d
I got bit by a bee whta should i do? i put garlic on it?

If you have ammonia available, put that on it...it will take the sting out.

Place a slice of onion on it and hold it for a few minutes, the juice from the onion will draw out the stinger and keep it from swelling up. I'm allergic to bees and this has always worked for me.

rub a drop of alchol on it . and do;nt scrach . it ll get better soon.

rami #1
I heard you should try to get the sting out with tweezers if it is still visible, then wash the stung area with a solution of vinegar and water... it worked for me

Crazy Cowboy
For bee stings, meat tenderizer calms the itching, and makes the swelling go down. (wont burn like alcohol or baking soda)

This is the remedy my family uses. I am allergic to bees, and it really makes the difference.

lol very heard the term "bit by a bee" usually i guess i hear about people being stung, so i am not sure about a bee bite but for a bee sting, you should ice it and then put a mixture of baking soda and water (constancy of a thick paste) on it to draw the stinger to the surface. It will hurt for a little white, but unless you are allergic, and you would know by now, then you will survive!

Make sure the stinger's gone and if not, pick it out.
a paste of meat tenderizer and water works best.
You can also make a baking soda water paste.
By now, however, your best solution is to wait it out.

Miss Texas
Great Grand Father rememdy and it works !

You need to get a cigarette and chew the tobacco til it gets very moist. I know this sounds gross and it is but put the wad of wet tobacco on the sting. It will take about an hour to dry on your skin and then you can take it off. This relieves the pain immediately and the only thing you will have left is a red dot where the stinger inserted itself. It is best if you use your own saliva but someone else's works okay.

Put ice on it.

Make yourself a paste of baking soda and water, and put it on the sting...The baking soda will draw out any venom that might have gone in...
All natural and safe -winks-

u got BIT by a bee......thats weird....i get stung

Put chewing Tobacco on it to draw out the poison. Now if you get stung by a bee and your alergic to it, dial 911.

Make a paste with baking soda and water and put it on the sting.

( do you mean stung) anyway push the brusie where the stinger is back in forth but don't Squeeze the stinger ( that injects more poison and don't use tweezers) and put ice on it and tie material around a few inches above and BELOW the sting. Then wait for the swelling to go down and call your doctor.

An old remedy is to put Baking Power on it! It draws the stinger out from it if you haven't got it out!

Summer Ward
u should put baking soda on it

baking soda and water make a paste we use to put mud on it (not sure why but it felt better). benadrly cream

You don't get bitten by bees, you get stung. The insect leaves a stinger in your skin.

First, wash the site with soap and water. Remove the stinger from the wound, to prevent infection, by using a gauze pad and wiping the area, or scrape it out with a finger nail. Don't squeeze it out or use tweezers, it will just increase the amount of venom going into your body. Apply ice to reduce swelling.

If you have an allergic reaction to the sting, you must go to a hospital emergency room for treatment.

The Nurse
switch from ice to heat every 15 min and once skin is numb, see if you can pull stinger out with tweezers. apply aloe vera after

Tamara J
I wold put backing soda and water..if the stinger is still in there that will bring it to the surface..

Otherwise, there isn't really much else you can do..just make sure you aren't getting swollen..or having difficulities breathing cause if you are that means you are having an allergic reaction and you should get to the hospital fast..but if you had time to type in on here I'm guessing that you are okay..

The next day or two it will hurt..and then it will start to itch, just try not to scratch it..get some calamine or cortisone 10 for the itching and wait it out..

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