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I don't remember what i did last week is that normal?

Additional Details
and no I'm not a drug addict i just don't remember


Alex V
drugs or alcohol.

see a doctor

means you have had to much beer. I can't remember what did, ummmm, what am I doing?
Brain damage.

That is so far from normal I don't know where to begin...

like... at all?

Mara M
Yes its perfectly normal, for and alzheimer's patient or a drug addict.

If neither of those describes you, then you need some serious help.

Your Mother
depends on your age and if you were really really really drunk

idk keep thinkin ask some body or somethin

Dustin L
You will remember this...


Depends on what you actually did last week. If you didn't do anything unusal or special, then you're pretty normal. If you did do something special,and have trouble remembering it., then you MIGHT have some problem with short term memory.

Well, if you have any medical conditions then it's normal, but if you can't remember ANYTHING from last week, then something is wrong and you should contact your doctor.

Kristen C
I think maybe it depends on how much you don't remember or if something significant happened that you can't remember. I usually can't remember what happened yesterday unless it was something significant. Any time I've gotten a new tattoo I remember that date! Regular every day activities tend to blend together, it's the same routine day in day out, week after week, what's the point in remembering it?
All that said, yeah, I think it's normal!

i dont remember what i did yesterday..

ummm yeah i'm pretty sure. I'm no expert but if it says anything that most people can't remember what they ate for breakfast the day before, then you're fine.

i have that same problem, like ill set something down and then go to bed. then ill wake up and forget where i put it. then i usually find it 20 minutes later right in front of my face! idk, maybe were special...............;)

sometimes when a commercial is on I can't even remember what I was watching.

Completely normal. Just try to remember this week, it's only Tuesday.

Stress. Isn't that normal today?

i dont remember what i did last week either. i'm right there with you haha

for me it is.


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