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I am so tired...what can I do to get more energy?
Just so you know..I suffer from chronic pain from a back injury,so I take pain meds,muscle relaxer and something for inflamation...so I am sleeping at night but never feel rested.When I am not taking any medicaction I am in constant pain and feel mentally and emotionally exhusted.

drink red bulles

maybe you should get tested for sleep apnea. if you have sleep apnea, your unable to go through an entire sleep cycle bec you wake slighty to get a good angle for air. this is seen a lot with people with back problems. its a simple study done by the doctor, and if you have it, your life would change, huge. happened for my uncle.

Go to this site for your answer


Ok you need to go on this website, symmetrydirect.com and try one of there hebal vitamins Specifically Ultra vitality. I had the same problem and let me tell u I am now like a energizer buddy.

I suggest you reading books, especially about life, and love. I think you can have a better feelings in this way.
Maybe religion can also help you. I know religious people that stand terrible problems. This is because of hope.
For sure you need a source for HOPE. This can be your family, God, or even a thought. Someone that understand you, and what you feel. If you have a family, or friends, try to communicate with them more often. I'm sure this will help, because I had the same problem, and no one wanted to(or could) help me but my family and my best friend...

From the movie ``Fight Club'':
Narrator: When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep... and you're never really awake.

As far as emotional stress is concerned, try yoga it really helps you relax.

get a good multi-vitamin with a B complex, perhaps a ginseng supplement, and some green tea.

It might sound a little odd but hey you dont have anything to lose AND it doesn't cost...so listen up...

When you go to bed try putting yourself in "sleep mode". Try relaxing, even if it's just breathing in and out. Take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly. Do this a few times, dont over do it so as to not get "boring" everynight, if you keep this up i'll bet my neighbor's car that it'll relax you when you go to bed. If you do any other activity on the bed like watch tv or study or ANYTHING else, quit it. ONLY go to bed if you're gonna go to sleep or.. get intimate but that's beside the point. The point is that you have to set your mind KNOW that when you go to bed it's sleep time, and it should be able to get you a bit more rested. IF these dont work, ask your doctor about LUNESTA. :)

About the tired part, it's good to take some multi-vitamins and try drinking NATURAL drinks -not sodas or SUNNY-D *eek*. Take the time to breathe in and out when you are stressed out throughout the day, you dont have to make a big deal out of it, simply take a big breath in, and let it out slowly.

Anything anyone will say here is worth a try, but remember, none of it will work unless you APPLY it to your life... keep it simple, keep it nice. :) g'luck.

It's a 5-letter word! Can you guess it?!?!?!

You should google an energy diet. Some foods naturally give you energy. Energy drinks, caffein and pills etc give you energy for a short amount of time. Changing your diet should give that all day boost to help you gaind some energy back into your life. Try: http://www.mentalhealthproject.com/content.asp?id_Content=580

Red Bull..it gives you wingsssss..haha but i heard it takes like crap...Monster works too

Try an energy drink! Also try some vitamins to help increase energy as well

drink energy drinks

I personally would reccomend regularly(daily) taking a sublingual B-12 vitamin. B-12 deficiencies are a very common occurence and it is proven that taking it daily will increase energy and overall mood. Best of all, it won't conflict with any other medications you are on. Also if you might list the names of your prescriptions along with the amount of each taken, it would help in determining what the source of your lack of energy was. Best of luck!

Try using A.C.T. It will increase your energy, make you feel good and still allow you to sleep at night.

It's one of the best products I've ever used.

drink energy drinks

Sugar free red bull or (I prefer) sugar free sobe because it contains 100% vitamin C

take some vitamin supplements. i take SURBEX-T and it has really helped me. i also had memory problems and i remember much easier now cause this year i've done the best in school ever. my grades were all great.

I know what you mean because I've had a lower back injury that I got from playing badminton and I easily get tired. I suggest that you target the root cause of your tiredness first and try to rehabilitate your lower back. Physical therapy will help and so will chiropracty. It may be that your pain meds are dulling your pain in such a way that you don't feel it but your body is still taking the strain. If you are overweight, this may also be adding strain to your lower back so try to lose weight.

smoke some chronic...
it may sound cliche but i swear it will help.

california grown chronicâ„¢
its medicinal and legal out here!

itll help you sleep deeper

Carol P
Chronic pain will do that and it sounds like you should talk to your doctor because you may be depressed. Not at all unusual considering how much stress you have physically and mentally with that condition.
They can help with excercise diet and maybe even a depression medication for a period of time.
There may even be a group for pain management in your area.
Chronic pain is more than just the physical pain, you have lost a big portion of your life and of course that is sad, aggravating, maddening and a whole bunch of other emotions.
You look whole but there is a big portion of yourself that just isn't there anymore and you may be greiving it with out realizing it. Focus on your capabilities, manage the pain and screen for depression. It stinks but you just have to learn to do what you can, fight for yourself and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Try taking a multi-vitamin and B-6. It really helps me get a little more energy throughout the day. Also, for your back, try swimming. Good luck!

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