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Maria B
I've lost my eyelashes!!!?
Last year I woke up and the centers of my eyelashes were gone and a week later the same thing happened to the other eye. I have been to the doctor and the only answer was stress. But they have not really grown back and I still have the corner and end eyelashes. I dont think its alopecia because the hair loss has not affected any other area. Any suggestions to help them grow back either naturally or medically?

Lolly ♥
woa thats freaky
wear fake ones

Ahaha, sorry. I couldn't resist.

maybe you pulled them out when you were sleeping?
That sounds really weird, and I understand why you would be concerned.
Buy fake eyelashes until they grow back.
good luck! :)

well i cut mine on one eye by accindent when i was doing my brows, but they grew back, so it is possiable for them to grow back. for the mean time you could wear fake ones, or if you dont like them, their is something that can make them grow, but you will have to ask your doctor as iam not to sure about it.

Louise K
im not doctor.. so Idon't know for certain.. all I can say is ake sure you're sleep routine is good, and you're eating healthy..

Liza P
it takes time eyelash hair changes every few months

How is your nutritional intake?

Have you looked in the sink,shower or bath?

An eyelash can take months to come back. My mom's were pulled out by my brother when he was a yr old....they never really came back. She wears single falsies.

Susan F
I would suggest getting a second opinion. Did your doctor give any alternatives to help you deal with stress? I would also ask if you can try false eyelashes or if they would irritate the skin more? You could try those until yours grow back in if its something that bothers you. I would try to go to a different doctor though! good luck!

the only thing i can think of is that you should go get fack eyelashes

Sorry, their are no methods to regrow eye lashes.......Just find a pair of false eye lashes that don't look to obvious.......

I have had that happen, due to stress. but also get your thyroid checked. Some times that could be a cause.

Well i heard that if you put vaseline it can help it grow back out. But if that doesn't work put some eyeliner on or you can even get permanent eyeliner make up so it won't be noticeable.. Also u can get false eyelashes that stay for weeks... Hope this helps..

Layla--crazy for you
wear fake ones, you don't know what's in the chemicals and operations. Good luck!

I'm not sure what could cause that but I know eyelashes take a really long time for them to grow back. I know everyone is telling you to try falsies and that is an option but be careful with them also because they also pull eyelashes out. If you do use them make sure you wash them out with a gentle soap and don't just pull them off when the adhesive is looking like they should pull easily because it will yank your eyelashes out.

you may have Alopecia and you might need to get that treated with meds.

apple c
do you wear eye make-up? if you do its the chemicals in the make up that is making you lose your eyelashes. buy organic make up

I know a person who had a patch of his facial hair missing and it grew back. I myself had patches of hair on my head fall off. No worries it will grow back.

Very interesting, I would not take his/her lame excuse of 'stress' to blame you should see a dermatologist. Eyelashes rarley if ever grow back.

Doctors refer to the loss of eyelashes as madarosis. While it may seem like mainly a cosmetic problem, the condition can be an indicator of something more serious, such as eye trauma and eyelid infections. In addition, metabolic conditions such as hypothyroidism and pituitary insufficiency can cause madarosis.

Commonly, many thingss can lead to a thinning or even the total loss of the eyelashes. Among these are allergies, especially contact allergies to eye makeup; a poor diet and/or nutritional deficiencies; and trauma. Eyelash loss may part of a condition called alopecia areata. There are other possible causes too, ranging from hormone problems (rare) to pulling the hairs out as a nervous habit.

So, before considering a treatment, you should see an eyelid specialist (called an oculoplastic surgeon) and have him carefully examine your eyelid to determine the cause of the madarosis.

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