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I'm peeing more often and my pee is now clear like water. Is something wrong with me?
I'm 14 and I drink lots of water these days. Thanks

rofl nice question, and its completely normal its because your dreinking alot more and eating healthier probly no biggy
-yourwelcome :)

The colour of your urine indicates the hydration of your body.
The lighter the colour, the more water in your body. If your urine is a bright yellow, or orange, you are dehydrated and need fluids.
You are healthy, don't worry about it.

Jane G
sounds like you are peeing normally. if you are drinking a lot of liquids, you will pee it out. peeing clear is a sign of staying hydrated. dark pee is a sign of dehydration or something else wrong.

if its clear, you may just be drinking too much water. My Doctor told me that if it gets really yellow or stanky, or has any pink to it that is a problem. Mention it when you go in for a checkup or if you have any unusual pain. Other than that I can't think of any health issue that would make it clearer.
Will keep up with posts. I am curious too

it's good to pee often.
it means you are very hydrated.

It is because you are drinking lots of water.

It is cleaning out your system, that's why your pee is clear...so it is a good thing!

Peeing so often gets annoying..but your bladder will chill once it gets used to your intake of water!

Kris L
Your just getting healthier. A healthy person has no color or very little color in their urine. You also pee more often, but you should measure what you are drinking over a full week, and divide by seven. While the advice is to drink 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water per day (64 oz. total), most people don't know that to get that 64 oz. should measure ALL the liquid you drink, including the broth in soup, cup of cocoa on a cold evening, alcoholic beverages (I know you're only 14, but you'll be 21 soon, and should know), and even eating yogurt can count (use 2/3-3/4 the number of ounces) toward that 64 oz. You should NEVER drink more that twice that much on any one day, and should always keep the liquid you take in between 64-72 ounces total, or you could actually end up 'drowning' yourself from the inside out. So ... you may be getting a bit too much 'water' and may need to cut back just a bit, but generally, if your urine is very light yellow or clear, it shows you are getting healthier, not 'sick.'

Luna* *
nope everything is goooooooddddddddddddddd

That just means ur a healthy young boy

The Funksta
Getting tired of clear boring pee? Well stop drinking water and start drinking coffee and eat asparagus. It will make your pee smell and look funny. Also try some B-100 vitamins. It will make your pee turn florescent yellow and give you a burst of energy. But honestly I would just keep doing what you are doing cause it sounds like you are completely normal and healthy.

Hey there.

That's nothing to worry about, that's good! Drinking more water changes your urine a lighter colour.

The lighter your urine, the healthier you are!

you have diabetes

If you have dry mouth, along with your frequent urination, it could be that you are a diabetic at an early age. Let your parent(s) know of this frequent urination so that they can take you to see a doctor.

You have a healthy flush system...no impurities or excess toxin from your body.....!!!
Clean Bill of Health...you passed

If your urine is clear that is good, if its really yellow then you need to drink more water. That is okay

This Girl
If you just started drinking more water than normal, that's why. There's nothing wrong with you. You are actually being healthy by drinking lots of water. It's when pee is really dark that you should be concerned.

no its cuz you drink alot of water and not really enought of food that exactly what i do lolzzz evrething is fine

|&#92;| ! { |<
nothing is wrong with the colour of your urine all that the colour means is you a very hydrated. however if you are drinking a lot you might want to get a Diabetes test just in case

If you drink more water, your urine will be diluted so it's normal it will be more clear. The less you drink, the more concentrated the urine which results in a darker yellow colour. And of course, the more water you drink, the more you will pee! If you also feel pain when you pass urine or you see blood, then go and see your doctor. Are you thirstier than normal? (Don't forget it's the summer months and we all get thirstier?) You can get a test to rule out diabetes or a bladder infection but otherwise I am sure you are ok!

volleyball chick

clear pee means your hydrated. really yellow pee means you are dehydrated. your healthy!

hope it helps:)

your pee is clear because you drink a lot of water. drinking a lot of water makes you have to urinate more frequently than if you didnt drink so much.

If you drink lots of water then your urine gets clear when it has cleaned out the toxins in your body. It is perfectly normal and healthy.

Dr. William Cosby
Uh, because you're drinking water...and uh....eeewwww...stop sharing.

no its not bad it clear because ur drinking a lot of water but no its fine

Sweet 'n' Sour
No, that's a good thing.
If your pee is clear, that means you've had enough water.

sweet sensimilla
you are drinking more then you are eating

Josh Pearl
Everything normal

Nope, totally natural. Clear pee means you're hydrated.

If u drink lots of water its nature to pee often. And water clear like pee is good rather then yellow. Yellow means u're dehyrated. clear means your body is clean from inside. so enjoy.

That should happen if you drink more water. It's healthy

No.. youre peeing often because youre drinking lots of water... clear pee is good... you want to have clear pee, it means you are not dyhydrated. The more yellow and darker your pee is, the more dyhydrated you are.

Now if you are EXTREMELY thirsty ALL the time, something might be wrong, like diabetes.

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