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How would you know your pee is clean after smoking pot?

drink a bellyful of vinegar to counteract the pee test...

When there are no more bubbles when you pee

It takes about 30 days for your body to rid itself of any traces of THC. Longer if you are over weight.
It's not going to make any difference how much water or other that you drink. When you smoke, the chemicals that give you away are stored in your body fat. You can't flush them out by drinking! It will take at least a month for your body to naturally rid itself of them.

P.S Thumbs down??? WTF?? I gave you some sound advice you moronic dollop of bat guano!!

You can buy a drug test. But if you are worried about passing I would suggest a product called Omni Clear. I have used Omni Clear twice to and it worked for me. And if it works for me it should work for you. Just use as directed and try to avoid toxins (drugs, fatty foods, coffee, cigarettes) for 48 hours before your drug test.

eric w
take a drug test. when ya pop hot, youl know your dumb as hell

You dont, so make sure you wait long enough!!

You can buy a home drug test at the pharmacy.

you do not.and don't even think about a blood test or a hair test. that takes years.

Clean? uhm.. you are hardly descriptive, but I think I know what you're trying to ask.. if someone would know you smoked by running experiments on your urine. The answer? yesss.. they would. I think pot stays in your system for 24 hours. Have a drug test tomorrow? you're screwed.

drink alot of water no soda water

you dont unless someone brings it to your attention

Miss T.
They sell home testing equipment in stores. I'm not sure how much I'd rely on it... BUT I have seen a 2 tests give the correct results.

That's easy... don't smoke and you don't have to worry about it!

go to walmart and get the at home test take it in advance just to be sure. . . of course if you don't smoke then you know you're always clean. . .

A drug test.... The test actually test for certain protiens that act as transport for the toxins... Some say upwards of 30 days, but one could also argue that with a increased water intake and increased sweet ect that time could be less.... Try a body flush.. They help!

mr handy
the t.h.c. stays in your system for 28 days. wise-up and get off of it

Water's Away
dont smoke

Donna M
probably wont be but to make sure that there is noneQUIT SMOKING POT

Classic Couture

lol, i dont know, i dont do drugs

u dont

The taste?

Go to a pharmacist and take a home drug test. It should tell you.

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