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How to stop a cut lip from bleeding?

Séan H-M
Just run a knife through your belly, it will quickly drain the body of your blood and therefore your lip wont bleed anymore!

Jack Mehoff
apply pressure with a bandage

put lemon juice on in, trust me im a lip doctor

Blehhhh =P
Put sugar on it, it works and its also tasty

Use a paper towel or something to apply pressure on it and once it stops bleeding, put some ice on it so it doesn't swell.

apply ice from outside


maybe this will help .

Do not put lemon juice on it. That person knows not of what they speak! ;)

wet a napkin or something and put it on ur lip.

apply firm but gently pressure with a clean gauze or cloth. If bleeding does not stop after 15 minutes or it cannot be controlled by simple pressure, go to a hospital emergency room.

Erin W
Depending on how bad it is bleeding, get a cold washcloth and apply pressure. If it is a deep cut, going to the doctor may be needed. If you absolutely do not want to go to the doctor, clean it up as much as you possibly can, apply pressure until the bleeding slows and almost stops, then superglue the cut together, but don't put it directly into the wound.. hold the two edges together and glue the superficial skin.

The best way to stop a cut lip from bleeding is to stop cutting your lip. :) Another great way is to use Black Pepper. It not only helps to stop the bleeding, it doesn't burn the injured area. Ice has always been a great way to stop bleeding. Last but not least, don't backtalk your parents. Larry, father of 8.

put ice on and apply pressure and if it's still bleeding for more then 15 minutes U need 2 get 2 a doctor

Salt. If that doesn't work, add lemon juice and a dash of wasabi.

Meghan G
u have to get a cup af water and put alot of sait and gargle it den spit it out!

Lola and Giselle
Put ice on it perhaps?

ice with pressure, if it doesnt stop in a half hour get stitches

how bad is the cut? if small just wait it'll stop

Apply pressure to it with a damp washcloth or napkin. After it stops, put ice on it to ease the pain and to lessen swelling, don't keep it on there too long though.

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