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How to control my bladder?
i'm a teenager but i have to go to the bathroom all the time.does anybody know why and how to reduce it.
(i know its a wierd question but its really annoying)

Colleen O
I suggest you see your doctor you might have a problem with your bladder there are medications the doctor can give you that will help.

Lydia R
Sounds like you have a hyperactive bladder. This link might be useful:


If you've been like this all your life this is probably your problem, and you need to train yourself to gradually go longer and longer between pees. Otherwise... see your doctor.

Rada S
...it could be habit..you can train your bladder.

....or could be a sign of diabetes...probably need to tell your mom about this as you may need to go to the doc...

......hope that is not the problem but this needs to be ruled out.

Jenny A
When you gotta go, you gotta go. Just do it!

middle child
there is such thing as over active bladder. My children 9yrs. and 2 yrs have kidney reflux. Infection of the bladder or kidney can make you have to go often. Alot of kidney infections can also damage the kidney and bladder. You should speak to your parents and doctor about this. It might be something simple, but better safe and comfortable. Although it might be embarrassing you need to be an adult and ask. Nobody else will for you. Good Luck!!!

old lady
Not a weird question at all, and it Can be really annoying. If you've checked with your doctor to make sure there is no physical reason (an infection, for example) there is an exercise that might help. It's called Kegel, and women do it after childbirth to tighten up the muscles in the bladder and pelvic area. Just sit or stand quietly, and clench the muscles in the floor of your pelvis. It feels funny when you start doing it, but make a point of doing it several times a day, for twenty or thirty 'clenches' and it might just help solve your problem.

Good luck!

Honest answer. At age 54, I had to pee every 15 minutes. On the way home, I just talked to my bladder and asked it: "Do you REALLY NEED to pee now, or can it wait?

Immediately, the urge to go went away, without effort or holding back.

then just go, maybe in three years it wont be as mucho. quit your whining. you must be american

By practice.

God's Child
Maybe your drinking to much just try to stop drinking so much.

you might want to talk with a doctor

go to the doctor that is all i can tell you to do about it ok

Laurie M
Just wear depends. LOL.

see a doctor????

see a urologist maybe ur baladder is too small and needs to be stretched or there is a drug called detrol la

I have it too. Although I am much older than you. There are many meds on the market now, but they can ALL cause constipation. I decided I'd rather be annoyed than be in PAIN!
Also Keegel exercises work.
When you are on the toilet, when urinating "hold it"
You only need to do this for 2-3 sec per day for it to work. The Dr wanted me to 100 of them per day and "hold" for 5 min ea. She must have thought I had nothing better to do. But you can do them before bed or just in the bathroom.. I do and nothing has happened to me.

But I agree that you should see a Dr as you are a bit young to be having this problem.

you have to cut back on the liquids

I would make an appointment to see a urologist if I were you (or get your parents to). It could be a problem that a urologist could straighten out. My son has to go all the time and has trouble waiting to go. I just made him an appointment today. Hope you get it seen about.

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