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How safe is it to eat 'Expired' food and drinks, like Chips, Popcorns and Mountain Dew, Coke?
Some are like January 2006, some are May 2006, and some just expired for a couple of weeks.

And, yeah some are from Last year.

How Sick can a person get eat expired food/drinks?
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So, how about if the soda is in the trunk of the car for very long and weather is very hot (100 degrees) does that make a difference?

i dont know about safe but expired food usualy tastes really bad

why dont u check the expiry date before having them..u know u can fall sick or it may taste bad....and obviously they have pesticides..the giant cola companies r fighting over on this issue..so actually u r gulping expired pesticides...think about it..u r not a pest..so better be on safe side..open your eyes and hav fresh ones..such a silly ques..u shouldnt even ask dis...no matter wat,everyone wants to have fresh stuff..u r the first guy who digs expired stuff..maybe u r a pest..hahha..just kidding..peace!!

Junk food has so many preservatives that it probably doesn't matter. If it was like meat, poultry or fish I would discard and not even try to eat expired food like that.

Kim :)
you can get really really sick from it...if its may 06 and there a lot of things in it to keep the foods fresh for a longer time then its ok
but the ones from last year....nah I wouldnt

Aerial Ace
Expired food and drinks can make you sick due to the fact that after a certain period mould takes over the expires food and after you eat it the mould releases toxins in your body that can make you or even kill you depending on how many times you've done this. There diffent species of mould more deadly than others. Don't eat expired food!!!

Mark n
wont get sick much...apart from some obvious foods, it is mostly about marketing to get you to buy more and save their a*** just incase. The products you mentioned will not go off after expiration date and will not be useless straight away if they have not been opened.

mom of 2
If the chips don't taste stale then eat them.
Pop never used to have an expiration date so 15 years ago you never knew how old it was anyway.
If it says Best If Used By then all they are saying is it MIGHT loose flavor after that date, that it is Best if consumed by then.
I wouldn't eat any meat that has expired though.

why taking chances. Just possible that expired item may not harm in every case but possibilities can't be ruled out. Therefore one must take precautions by not taking any food and drink item after its expiry date.

it should be safe, but it will not taste as good.

It is not safe and depends on what food you are talking about. Most of these foods have preservatives or other forms of chemicals and most of chemicals have a expiration time after which they do not act the way they are supposed to.
So as a rule do not eat foods whach have an expiration date.

not me think u . anything is possible .

It won't hurt you any worse than it does now. I do know the quality of taste isn't so good.

mrs. johnson
try chicken and potato salad that's been left in your trunk overnight after a full day in the sun. You'll find your answer

i do not think it is a good idea to drink it or eat it. i think it all should go in the trash and i think you can get really sick and get ecoli.

#1 due 05/17/09 YAY!!
try it and see

Well the FDA gives you a year, EXCEPT baby foods, but everyone is different and have allergies you never even knew you had. So I would be very careful at eating or drinking expired foods.

With those foods, they will last years beyond the expiration date.

yahoooo reject
Don't eat the plastic containers it comes in.

It's okay to eat and drink any of that. However, you may find that some of the older stuff doesn't taste right (especially if it's been open). Soda from last year may have no taste; it will be like drinking seltzer water.

You don't normally get sick from processed items because of all the preservatives and chemicals. It's the stuff like yoghurt, dairy products and "fresh" items.

As long as they taste okay, go for it. If they taste nasty then they just taste nasty!

miss advice
you'll get food poisoning- picture it: sitting on the toliet with diarrhea, while barfing into a trash can at the same time. not fun.

expiration dates were mandated by the FDA for a reason- so people wouldn't get sick or die! (note: if it's one or two days old, it's usually okay b/c they figured stupid people might eat it anyway, so they bump up the date by a FEW days.)

by the way, you won't get cancer! cancer is when the cells in your body (for whatever reason- smoking, exposure to enviromental pollution, exposure to radiation...) decide to attack each other and kill each other off- it's like a cellular murder/suicide rampage!

Mickey S
I know that chips are ok for awhile after the expiration date. Sodas are not But other than that I am not real sure

They put that date on there for selling purposes. The store cannot sell them past that date. I think they will be fine to eat or drink.


jeff s
pretty safe for dry stuff and sodas. they will taste so bad you will stop when really bad for you.

I found this at the consumer affairs website:

They don't mean as much as many people think they do. Most food is still edible after the expiration date but may not be very tasty. (Of course, lots of packaged food isn't much good before the expiration date, but that's another question).

Most people are surprised to find out that:

Stores are not legally required to remove food once the expiration date has passed. They are strictly "advisory" in nature.
Dating is not federally required, except for infant formula and baby food. States have varying laws. Most states require that milk and other perishables be sold before the expiration date.

The major codes are:

Sell by Don't buy the product after this date. This is the "expiration date."
Best if used by Flavor or quality is best by this date but the product is still edible thereafter.
Use by This is the last day that the manufacturer vouches for the product's quality.

So, it doesn't look like you have anything to worry about concerning the products you're talking about, much less cancer.

bon appetit

Most "pantry food", food that can be left out and not go bad, is okay even after the experation date. Manufacturers just put the date on there to guarantee it good until then. That way if it goes bad after that date and you eat it and get sick, or the food is stale, they can not get in trouble.

I think it's ok to drink 'expired' sodas. We've had them here before and no one ever got sick. Chips are probably ok too if it hasn't been too long. I wouldn't want to be eating chips that have expired more than 2 months ago tho,.

Anyway, why would anyone want to eat and drink something old? Is it a bet or something that you have going on with you and friends? Just throw the garbage away.

havn't gotten sick yet and i'm still eatin them!!

Some foods are OK if you comsume them after the date. On soda, it is a BEST WHEN USED BY date. Chips and popcorn will just taste stale. You can get sick from outdated diary, but it will taste like crap, so you would not want to eat it. Also, old pancake mix has been known to kill some people, so be careful with that. My theory is, if it still doesn't smell like crap, have mold on it or taste like crap, it is probably OK.

monkey girl
How many times have you heard the joke about what happens to sour cream when it goes bad? Or, how can sour cream even have an expiration date? What happens, it turns sweet? But how often have you picked something out from the back of the refrigerator and discovered that the expiration date on the still-unopened package was yesterday? What do you do? Do you dare open it? If so, do you dare eat it? With this in mind, here are few pointers, tips and perhaps surprising facts about expiration dates and food.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about expiration dating is that dating is not required by US federal law for any foods except infant formula and baby foods. Not only are expiration dates mandatory for these products, but these products must actually withdrawn by their expiration date. When it comes to dairy products, laws vary by state, but when it comes to all other foods everywhere, slapping an expiration date on the product is decided by only one entity: the manufacturer of that product.

As if that weren't bad enough add to it this unnerving information. Well, unnerving unless you're one of those types who think the government is already regulating big business too much. Even if the manufacturer is kind enough to let you know when his product will send you to the bathroom to sell Buuuuuicks or, worse, to the hospital, stores are not legally required to remove expired products from shelves. I've known a store in Hawaii who was shut down for removing the expiration date and selling expired foods.

There are three different types of expiration dates and, naturally, some are about as clear as extemporaneous remark by George W. Bush.

"Use by" means THIS is the expiration date. Don't buy it if your Far Side daily calendar is set after this date. This is the only expiration guideline that means exactly what it says.

"Sell by" means that this is the date that stores who duly decided to protect their customers by removing expired food pull it off shelves by this date. But you can still buy it on this date and use it. Maybe. Usually. Sometimes. Seriously, though, some dairy products are still good up to a week after this date. In fact, milk generally remains safe to drink 7 to 10 days after the date on the label. Fresh meat, poultry and fish should be all cooked within 1 to 2 days of purchase, and should NEVER be purchased beyond the "sell by" date.

"Best if used by" means that the flavor or the quality of the product is adversely affected after this date. Of course, since any container of food is going to taste at least slightly different to whomever eats it, the term "best" is an abstract modifier at, well, best.


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