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How old are you when you are born... 1 day or 9 months ?

1 day, idiot!

Since you dont breath air until birth, I think age begins at birth.

Nate & Mihael
i think it's one day because when you're in the mom's body, your body parts haven't formed yet.

Till now we count age since person is Born.

Now if you start raising question like this anti-abortion people will change that and make it 9 months.

born is birth and birth is when you completly leave the mothers womb. at that point they write down the time and date. this is what we call zero hour. in 24 hours you will be 1 day old. if you were born dead or died on delivery you are called still born (remember born is when you leave the womb dead our alive) but dead you do not progress in time living so still births are not even 1 day old. if you wrote down that a still birth was 9 months old it would be presumed to have been alive and kicking for 9 months which is not correct.

It counts for 1 day. Your age does change on the anniversary of the day you're born, right?

93.5% Right
I agree with sleepless. Unless you celebrate your birthday when your parents got it on.

You are 0 years old

T Burr 22
You are one day old! That's why the day you were born is called your birthday.

I would say 9 months. I was on this earth in some way (mom's belly) for 9 months before I came out screaming.

You are 1 day old

didpends what day u were born and month

also me
when you are born you are day 1, when you have a birthday you are celebrating your 1st year of birth.

1 day

9 months. besides, if you were just born, you wouldn't even be a day old yet!

It begins when you were born...0 days

In China one year, here zero.

I second old when your born.

The end of the first day after coming out makes you a day old

you are zero.

after the first minute, you are 1 minute old.
at the end of the fist 24 hour period after birth, you are 1 day old.

By the calendar you are a day, but in actuality you are forty weeks, which is ten lunar months

When you're born you start at 1 day. The 9 months was part of the baby's prenatal development.

when you are born it is 0 days, then the next day you are 1 day old.

cary question, society says the a child is a viable life after 4 months of gestatoin(while invetro) but because the child is not thriving on it own until the umbilical cord is cut. therefore when you are born is when we would start countin the sec, min, hr, days ect.

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