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How often should I take a shower?

Me M
everyday but shampoo once a week

at least twice a day

lady luck
It depends. If you have think hair every other day works fine. If you have thin hair every day. Or ask your hair stylist. By the way happy new year.

2wice a day

If you had to ask this question then you probably need one now! No really most people shower at least once a day.

you should take at least one shower a day , and why should you have to ask

You should shower everyday.

SusanS, Incognito
Bathing daily is usually recommended by those around you.

it really depends on your body. some peoples smell some people don't.
my little brother should never come out of the shower.
i take one every other day.

if you are going through puberty. probably every other day. because for some reason 13-15 year olds smell really bad.


Phew what's that smell ??

as often as u like

every day

every day

Of course every day!! Either at night or mornings!!!

Cuddly Lez
once a day


Reggie Brown
Nightly before going to bed. Using a rag, and a quality soap, scrubbing in the obvious odor areas. Drying with a clean dry towel. Repeat this procedure the rest of your life nightly before going to bed, to wash off dead skin.

Most of us shower daily but in actuality it is unhealthy. We're washing all the natural oils out of our skin. It's much healthier to wash specific areas as needed and not the entire body on a daily basis unless you have a job that requires it. Daily showers are more just a part of our culture.

Depending on what sort of job you have, I would say at least once per day. If you have a dirty or smelly job or if you are someone who gets bodily fluids on them quite often, I would say you need to shower more. Your mommy should have clued you in on this sort of thing.

Everyday but you don't neccesarily have to wash your hair everyday, infact, depending on your hair type it's best if you don't.

every 6 months whether you need it or not ....really.......now.....next question???

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