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¿How often do u take showers and wash ur hair?
In every culture is different so I want to know...

i have a shower/bath once a day and wash my hair every three as i have the most frizzy afro curly hair and its outa control

I shower at least twice a day, and I wash my hair twice per month. I have thick long dreadlocks, so it is not feasible to wash everyday as my hair holds a lot of water and takes up to two days to totally dry out.

i shower once in the morning, then again in the evening. i wash my hair when i shower in the evening. some people think its a bit excessive but i wont feel clean if i dont!


Shower everyday, preferably morning and often at night too. Wash hair with Shampoo everyday,...wash hair with conditioner every other day.

showers - at least every morning, but i'll shower after exercise and before a date as well
hair washing - every day

I shower every day and would hope everybody does!! Twice a day in hot sticky sun and wash hair every other day.

Dale J
every day always,i cant even consider other wise.
hope this okay Dale

shower twice a day - hair ? what hair ?

in Turkey it differs according the economic and social position of the person. but generally a middle situationed person takes shower at least four times in a week...
but personally i take shower and wash my hairs everyday. in hot weather i take shower twice a day...

Once every 3 months whether I need to or not.

No, every evening before bed!

Debra B
Every morning

every other day. Unless I get dirst or feel dirty! I have a very casual job so I dont see the need to bath if just going to and from work

Texas/USA -- I take a bubble bath every day. More if it's really hot weather or I have a particularly "active" day. I wash my hair twice a week.....it borders on being dry and if I wash it more often than that it gets the frizzies.

Once a day for both. Twice if I'm going out/have been exercising/need to relax.

SJ in UK

Pina Colada
i shower daily, sometimes twice daily, and wash my hair at least once a week :)

Shower twice a day and wash my hair once a day.

Every day.

Everyday. It may be worth noting that as recently as the 1950's the typical American bathed once a week.

mariolla oneill
when I'm in Goa India i have to have a shower at least 3 to four time's a day,i wash my hair everyday there because i go swimming in the sea so the sea water is salty got to get it out of me hair.
here in the UK i have a showere in the morning and in the nite before i get into bed.like feeling clean.

♥ elle-marie.
every day - UK

bath every night wash in the morning and wash hair once a week

Emma B
I take a shower at least one a day (in the morning). If it has been particularly hot I would have another in the evening. If I was going out for the evening I would take a shower, and I would also shower after excercising. If it is cold, I would have a bath. I wash my hair every other day as it is a compleate greasy mess if I don't and it makes me itch.


Shower or Bath every day if not twice. Wash my hair every other day.

Mrs Chicagosgirl!!
every day. i wash my hair in the morning and bathe or shower in the evening

Every second day when I don't have my period and when I do, it's every day. Wash my hair three times a week or four if 'm heading out.

How about you?

Laura T
Shower daily - wash hair every other day.

Well, I grew up in Oz (but live in the UK now). I shower daily, and wash my hair daily. During summer months in Oz, I would sometimes shower twice a day. Sometimes I might go an extra day without having a shower (if I'm feeling low), but I always feel dead dirty...and I never go out if I'm unwashed!!!

every day

once a year, whether I need it or not, that's a joke...............at least once a day, hair as well, in hot weather more than once a day............and anytime I need one.U.k.Most people do in countries where it's available, unless they're not into hygiene and wanting to smell nice, feel fresh and not offend the other citizens, however in every culture you get the great unwashed, believe it or not, toffs...( aristocrats, the well off ) are worse than the normal everyday person sometimes for normal hygiene, hence the saying, toffs are careless, they, some of them, think it's just sooo quaint and rebellious to smell bad, like sticking two fingers up at their background.

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