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 Has anyone got a crap doctor like me?
Mine seems to be physic and diagnoses me on the phone?also 3 weeks for an appointment about ear pain that ihave had for 18 months and he recomends neurofen?Real waste of time dont bother going ...

 Does red bull make your heart pump faster?
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 Should i try weed?
my "friend" says it doesnt affect my body, not addicting, he says food tastes soo good after you smoke, it messes with your head for only an hour then your back to normal, and says that i ...

 Bad Breath?
What are some tips for this.
I brush my teeth, often and a chew gum but i still have the problem.
Any advice?...

 Give me an easy home remedy for Kidney Stones?

 Do I have alcohol poisoning????
I had lots of alcohol on tuesday and I feel really shitty still and I think it might be alcohol poisoning, I have been really shaky, sick to my stomach ( but not throwing up cuz I have a really tough ...

 How can i stay up later, like 3 am?
i always fall asleep even when i drink 4 ...

 Whats wrong with piercing you belly button yourself????
Im 14 and i want to piece my belly button myself. And im homeschooled and most of my friends are all kinda older then me and like to be "responsiable" and they really dont like the idea. W...

 Do I have cancer?
I've been smoking since I was 13 now i am 21 and once in awhile my loungs start to bleed hardly.from troat comes out a lots of blood.and I can't breath.is this cancer?...

 What is your favorite color?
sorry about the category but its the only one i could find. this quiestion really doesnt belong to any category....

 Would you die if you didn't eat for 8 days?

 Is there an effective operation to make your johnson smaller?
A lot of women that I am with express pain instead of pleasure due to my size....should I have an operation to decrease my "package"? If so, is there an effective operation to do so?...

 Red eyes and Sticky eyelids... HELP!!!?
For the past week I've been having problems with my eyes (not my vision, but the eyes themselves).

For some reason, (maybe because of the dry winter season) my eyes have been red a ...

 Do guys go for girls who wear spectacles?

 How can i unclogg my ear from earwax.?
while cleaning my ear with a qtip. i lost hearing in my left ear.i tried poroxide with a qtip and it didnt work.anything else i could do?...

 Are manicures and pedicures unhygenic and unsanitary or does it depend on the saloon you go to?
I heard they are dangerous and that you can get various funguses, but the woman who does my nails keeps using alchohal to dissinfect her tools. Is that enough?...

 Do have to go to a therapist in in order to take medication for anxiety?
I use to take medicine long ago. my anxiety went away but my over worrying is comming back. all i do is worry about nothing. sometimes i get sick from it. I cant afford to go to a therapist I just ...

 Would you donate an organ to an immediate family member, if it was needed?

 What is the strangest thing you have been told that you did while sleeping?
My wife said when she came to bed last night, that i rolled over and sqeezed her butt about five or six times. sometimes i'll be fighting and talking in my sleep. Funny thing is i don't ...

 How would you like to die?

How many ways of saying "someone died" can you think of?
(you know...kicked the bucket, pushing up daisies, ect....)
Additional Details
i was not doing this because of a "sick mind" ... in english today we were talking about delivery and the tone of phrases. like you know "she passed away" has much more compassion than "oh, she kicked the bucket." Do you see what I mean?


Gay R
Here's mine. I just got done reading this stuff you wrote. Awww, gee, my friend just got done reading that stuff you wrote up there. Well, hopefully she's in a better place.

Ok that is just SICK why in the heck would anyone want to know that!

You need to go "talk" to someone about why you are thinking of stupid questions like this!

Put em on Ice! They will cath a 'hot one'. Game over, lights out, another Darwin award.

ever watched the movie six feet under?

Got tired of their body
Joined the angels
went for a long sleep

they are dead right there
swimming with the fiishes
No longer of this world
pushing up daises
kicked the bucket
singing with the choir of angels
dead guy

He shuffled off the mortal coil.

English gal.
Loads but i dont want to say but (popped his/her clogs)hehe

Passed away, croaked

Passed Away
Bit the Big One
6 feet under
Crossed Over
Keeled Over

in a better world
six feet under

"bit the dust"
"sleeping with the fishes"

went super blonde

Dirt Nap, my personal favorite.....lol....

Waldo Waldo Waldo!
He is deceased. He has passed away. He has been killed. He is no longer alive. He is no longer with us. He has expired.He has departed. He is gone. His life has been taken.

if the person is a Christian ...."went on to see Jesus"...that is what I hope for me and you...

Erik A
Years ago, on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, he did a skit on this. It was based on the new trend at the time for co-workers to deliver the eulogy at a funeral. So the skit was a funeral for someone from Roget's Thesaurus, and his co-worker (Carson) must have had 60 euphemisms for "dying." If you can find a clip of it, I'm sure your class would enjoy it. My favorite was "making a call in the horizontal phone booth."

one of my favourites is "thanks for being on the show"

or, (name) has left the planet/building/show (ala elvis style.)


lights out!

or (from chris tucker)

"Oooh, he ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3!"


great, another hole to dig...

or for the sick types

you gonna use the oven?

Craig L
my favorite is "taking a dirt nap"

Anthony Spears
Dead as a doornail
Six feet under
No longer alive
ceased to exist
He is no more
He has expired
She is formerly alive
The late ____
His/her Metabolic processes are history
Shuffled off his/her mortal coil
Run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible
Stiff (rigor)
Went to visit the angels
Went up to heaven
Worm Food
Sword of Damocles no longer above their head
Cured of everything

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