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How many cigarettes do you have to smoke before you become addicted to them?
Is there a specific number?
is it different with each system
Does it matter how often you smoke them?

Nicotine is a very powerful and addictive substance. A person can become addicted after only a few. Don't do it. Trust me, it's hard as hell to quit!!

Behind These Hazel Eyes
usually just one but it all depends on the person system. yes it does matter how often you smoke them. the more you smoke the more chances you have of getting sick with something. It is also not good for the people around you. Second hand smoke is the worst kind.

it only takes 1 cigarette b4 coming addicted and after that u can't quite

Knock Knock
Personally I think it has more to do with whether you have an addictive personality or not. I smoked threw high school, threw most of my twenties put my last cig out at midnight of the New Year 2000 and haven't smoked again. The problem lies with this people get an oral fixation for the cig and yes they say the nicotine is addictive but it goes out of your system fast. Those people that chew the gum, use the patches, use the inhalers are just change one addition for the other and I fully believe that it is the oral fixation that most people have a hard time dealing with. That is why they gain weight because hand to mouth with the food. Bottom line just don't start its stupid and for the price you pay for cig one could get a 2 hour message every week or have a new car payment. DON'T START!!

Don't smoke at all!!! If you don't want to end up later on with yellow-brownish teeth and not to mention toothless later on with a lip that hangs on it's own...plus bad breath and bad body odor don't smoke...keep yourself healthy inside and out.

dad k
it only takes a few to become addicted. The body starts to crave the nicotine before long. everybody is different, though, and some are effected to lesser degrees than others. the best advice is to not start smoking at all.

lol its not like that man its just u start to just feel like having a smoke its not like after 25 smokes u are automatically addicted it just like happens

Indian gangsta rapper
No you cant get addicted even if you smoke a pack dude .its all in your thinking once you think you are an addict you are really an addict if you have sufficient self control there is no addiction not even cigarettes.

Fix time smoking per day causes addiction. There is no specific number.
It is same to all.
No. If it precedes any activity regularly then it causes addiction. e.g. if one smokes per day at 8 AM before breakfast, it will cause addiction.

there is no certain number of cigarettes you have to smoke to become addicted, after a while your body starts relying and depending on cigarettes and then you become addicted.

The first one is too many. One leads to another one. Then next thing you know, you are hooked.

No specific number for some it only takes one, some maybe two or three

1 is all it takes.

Pretty Girl n Pink
Dont listen to these cornballs that have never smoked and don't know what they are talking a/b! I am a smoker and I wasn't addicted for a while...yes I would smoke them and stuff but if I wanted to I could stop whenever I wanted to I would say until I was fully addicted I had smoked maybe a whole cartons worth of cigarettes. But actually it varies on the person

it's different with each system
i didn't get addicted on them and i tried more then once

only one !!!! if u have a single drop of poison you will be infected
if u have a sip of wine it is the which brings you to the next
the answer of this chain is 1st one .

It is all in your mind. But if you need a number...howevere many you have smoked plus one!
The next one you light up will make you an addict -a niccotin Junky. Do not light another one...

depends on how you personally can get addicted to things

It could be once, it could be maybe 15.

Depends on how much you smoke.

Heather W
it depends on the person

it all depends on the person. there is not specifcs that is like saying how many hits of blow before i get addicted to coke

it can only take one but when you start it is hard to quit, mi mother it took her three years to quit. you are prob to cute to smoke, it makes you skin wrinkle, and i know alot of women don't like the smell, and you could get emphysema, which mi great grandmother has and she's been hospitalized every other 3 weeks. but if you do smoke you do get addicted to them quickly, just don't smoke over a half a pack a day, people might think you are awesome for smoking, you r even more awesome if you don't' smoke.

just one


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