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How long is a doctor's perscriptions good for before it expires?

one year...even if you don't use all of your refills..doesn't matter.

If you take it and it kills you...it's bad. Throw it away.

a script usually expires after 6 months, but it veries
from state to state. Ask your Pharmacist at your local

I think it is 6 months.

sheila e
some drugs are a year and some are 6 months

usually 1 yr. unless otherwise stated

one year

Abdul S
Best Answer: Dont use it after 30 days. It may be harmful as the symptoms might have been dissapeared. So please only use as directed by the physician do not exceed the dossage.


what one year!!!hav you eva been to a doctor????/

well the paper may last hundereds of years, probably be a bit yellow though.

nici a
It is one year from the date it is written.

The actual prescription expires 1 year from the day it's written, no matter when you get it filled. The medicine itself may last longer than that or not.

i used mine after 1 month

I year

6 months

Angie's mom
ask your doctor should be 6 months- depending on what it is- they will tell you at the pharmacy

No more than one year from the date written.

One year from the date on the perscription bottle.

It depends on the drug and it should say so on the Rx label. Or you can just ask a pharmacist.

joe s
Forever. Just white out the date(s), make a copy, and presto!!!

look on the container it says it somewere.


Depends how many repeats the dotor gives you. You should fill the prescription as quickly as possible though because if you don't fill it within like 3-6months or so you have to go back to the doctor for another prescription and/or another examination.

It should have an expiration date on it. Otherwise, it's different in every state. Check your state's website.

Kookie M
One year honey just like every other Yahoo told ya

I've just taken one of my dear departed grandads amphetimine pill from the second world war and it seems fine to me.

one year from the date prescribed

The actual prescription is good for one year from the date he written it. Even if you don't fill it until 11 mo later. You would not be able to get any of your refills after that one year. You would have to go back to the doctor to have them re write another.

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