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How long after smoking weed do you test positive?

I don't know but I hope its awhile I got afew teachers I know that smoke and I want them fired

oooo you've been smoking weed!! im calling the cops just kidding

ahhhhh..right away???

Tna0Hollister ARITZIA>......:

2-3 months

depending on how much you smoke, your body type, and other factors... anywhere between a week and 2 months

how much and how often do you smoke?

Muck Rakers Local #227
Most of the posts here are wrong. I am a Dr. working in conjunction with the legalizes marrijuana program here in Oregon. Depending on age, body size, and fat content of your body, you can test positive anywhere from one to four weeks after exposure. This depends on the levels (did you smoke daily, if so how much) of thc you took in, and your body mass and fat content. It all depends.

swept away in hopes
well it has several factors such as how much you smoked, what is your BMI because the THC is what gives it away. If your body has a normal amount of fat then it takes anywhere from 2 weeks to a month for a urine test. For hair folicles and fingernails it will stay there for a while. Easy way to get rid thc faster is eat a whole lemon, or a gross way is put bleach under your nails and pee on them and cut them afterwards. You can also drink alot of liquids with a high concentrate especially fruit juices such as apple. But main thing is that THC hits the fat cells and its stuck there for a while.

You mean pee positive or be found in the fat cells or in your hair in your blood? I guess you could chance it with those pee teas.

Pee tests can be weeks some other tests more.

But guess what THC is in your fat cells and guess what happens if you burn off a few pounds? No you don't get high againbut you may test positive again!

Mr. Mackey says
Marijuana is bad boys and girls ... M'Kay!


THC stays in your hair folicle forever and you will fail the test. The only means to pass a hair folicle test is to stop using weed and then getting rid of all hair since you last smoked. PS. at my company, if you show up cleanshaven everywhere, you fail the test for "failure to produce a hiar".

T Time
30 days, at least in urine
or grow your hair out and cut it off

OK yeah well whatever
Up to one month if you have a significant amount of body fat. THC, the stuff that gets you high from pot, is dissolved in body fat.

If you are very thin, it might only be a week or so.

about a month in urine. I think it stays longer in hair follicles

The active ingredient THC can remain traceable for up to thirty days after the last ingestion.

If you are in a job that randomly drug tests then you need to choose which is more important..your job or the mull.

You cant fool the tests and you cant beat them, if you have been smoking you will be caught.

It really depends how much the person smokes of it. Occasional use might show up for a few days to a week. Heavy use can show up for a month or more after the person stops.

depends on how often you do it, your metabolism, how much fat you have in your body, and your general health- if you do it rarely, like once a month then only a few days, but if you do it everyday, up to 3 months, also length of time increases with poor health, fat and slow metabolism

It all depends on how much you have smoked. If you just smoked once you have about 48 hours, if you smoke habitually it can take up to 2 months

Completely depends on your body's chemistry. It's not the same for everyone. Body fat ratios, other meds in your system, even being sick can affect how long it stays in the body.

Jacob R
depends on the test, your weight, your metabolism, how physically active you are. There is no proven calculation, but I would say if you are athletic -then 90 days for a piss test.. more for hair and swab

anywhere around 3 months

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