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How is holding your urine bad for you?
How many days can you go without going to the toilet usually before becoming life threatening?

'The alex' if this is true ok, but urine is sterile, so how does the bacteria back up and infect the kidneys???

I would assume it has something to do with your bladder and the fact that your urine is one of many ways your body gets rid of toxins and waste.

Doktorr Hoo
May be not too long...

Um..go pee! lol. Dont hold it for a long long long time, but it will incrase your bladder size.

Rose B
Well its not good for your innards and it can't be comfortable so I suggest finding a loo over testing yourself as to how long you can hold it in for. x

I am not a doctor, but I believe that you can get "Back-pressure" in your kidneys, which is a very dangerous idea.

Susan T
Not for days but twice a day is fine. Everyone told me I would be incontinent by the time I was 40. Not so 69 now and twice a day is still fine and I do have a high fluid intake.

A Yellow Walrus Writes...
These social-science-course assigment-questions are only for rich bored housewives. But I would guess the kidneys would fail first, then blood poisoning due to heavy presence of ureaic toxins, then liver failure, then slow death under the aid of lots of morphine, the way many cancer patients die.

IDK how many days...or if it would even be possible to hold it for days, if you were still drinking properly.

You can get infections...urinary tract infection/bladder infection/kidney infection from holding it. IDK if you have ever had a kidney infection or any of the others, but it is miserable...Fever, aches, nausea, pain...ugh.

You should go whenever you feel the urge to go and not hold it.

to The alexness---
The woman who died in that Wii contest, (Jennifer Strange) died from water intoxication, (drinking too much water too quickly), not from holding her urine. Just FYI.

Your bladder may explode!

Mary-Jo baby no1 20/02/09
dunno how long but there has 2b sum serious repercussions.

Hold too long,hose bust

bruce m
why would you do that anyway.

1 day is the longest I can think of with going thirsty. Holding your urine too long may cause your bladder to ache. If you have a weak bladder, holding urine helps increase your holding ability. Just use the bathroom whenever needed. Hope this helps.

you cant hold your urine ,it runs thru ya fingers

~ Sєvєภ ๏f Nเภє ~
2 words...

less than one day

well, if u ate a lot u have to go pee in less than a day because if you don't your bladder will actually explode inside of you and most likely die.

Dr Frank
You are unlikely to manage 24 hours without being forced to pee by the pressure in you bladder. Normally you pass 1 litre or more of urine a day, although the bladder can stretch it's normal capacity is only 400-600 mls.

that_ runner
If the urine stays in your bladder for too long, then the bacteria will eventually start backing up, going back up the way it came: to your kidneys, which will infect your kidneys, and then you will have problems with your blood. Sooooo...don't do it. I'm sure you heard about that contest a few months back "Hold your Wee for a Wii": contestants had to hold thir pee for as long as they could and the winner received a free Wii...the winner died a couple of hours after winning.

If you go less than once a day, than that means you are not drinking enough fluids to hydrate your body properly, which will lead to fatigue just from walking around. For me since I am a serious runner, I drink at least 4 bottles of water a day, plus more fluids with my meals (no soda), and consequently I pee about 3-4 times a day...every time I pee it is totally clear, which means I am super hydrated: the clearer the pee is the more hydrated it is.

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