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How early should I arrive for a doctor's appointment?
Whenever I have an appointment, I always have to wait at least 20 minutes after the scheduled time.

arrive 20 min before

Yeah but then you might arrive and they are running early for a change. 20 minutes is good just bring a book, doctors run late and the magazines are old ;-)

Jamie Lynn
i think it's like that everywhere. i always go like 10 mins late. so i don't have to wait so long.

10 miuntes late

then maybe you should be there 20 mins before

then arrive 20 min ahead

always leave up to 30 min early depending on how far away you live. its better to wait only 20 min than another hour if you were late and somebody else was there and went before you!
that would stink.

Yup, let's hurry up and get to the doctor so we can sit and wait!! Your lucky if you only wait 20 mins. Last time I waited 45 mins. You should always be on time, because even thought they are running behind, they can bump someone if your late.

better to be there 15-20min early

30 Minutes

Joshua L
Get to the doctor at your exact appointment time. I do this now and I sometimes get in as soon as I walk in the door. I can say I've NEVER gotten in earlier by being early. At least you will minimize your waiting time. Besides its fun to walk right in and go back to a room when there are people sitting there waiting for appointments scheduled after you.

Len Anders
At least 20 minutes late.

Flaming Pope
betwwen 15 to 30 minutes ahead of time

,To consider all feelings, 15 mins. would be great. And if u r lucky the Dr. will see u then. If not, read a magazine.

I would say within 15-40 minuets early

You have to arrive exactly when he calls you, the time has nothing to do with it. Leave it all to destiny and fate.

I get there 5 min early

If not seen in 30 min I reschedule

3 rd rescheduled is with another Dr

I was going to say to show up ten minutes earlier and expect to wait twenty-five minutes latter then your scheduled appointment.

Ten minutes early. If you have to wait more than 20 minutes past your scheduled appointment, you need to politely express your concern.

f w
I would say about 25-20 minutes. It's hard to tell - it depends on what cases the Dr. is working on before you arrive and he may be falling behind. But then again, maybe you might be one of the patients that he spends more time with one day while someone else is waiting 20 minutes for their appointment ;-) It all evens out in the end.

30 minutes. The day you arrive late will be the day that they were on time and you will have to reschedule!

my doctor's office tells me to come 15 minutes before the appointment time......you usually will have to wait, but sometimes if they're ahead, they can get you in early

Dan The Man
Show up at least 1/2 hour before your scheduled appointment time.

For a new patient - 30 minutes.

For an existing patient - 5-15 minutes.

Heads up!
5 minutes early is fine.

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