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 I need help bad!?
i havent been able to sleep for nearly a week ive tried everything i just dont know what else to do. i tried the warm milk thing and it made me gag. everything else just didnt work....

 I have worms in my anus, little ones, what are they?
When i pooped last night, little white wormlike things come out of me and they cause me to itch. Some of them are dead and some are alive. What the heck are they? Are they dangerous? Should I ask a ...

 Why is alchol and tabacco legal & marijuana isnt?
Why is alcohol and tobacco legal & marijuana isn’t? I don’t understand, since alcohol makes a person more unaware and plain stupid then marijuana and cigarettes seem to be just as bad as ...

 Am i normal?
I pick my nose then i eat the bugers. I mix fried eggs and orange and made a smothie. I once ate a roach. How normal am ...

 If Smoking Is Bad and Kills Why Is It Still On The Market?
If Smoking is so bad why is it even being sold any more?
Its common sence Stop making it stop dieing!!
Also with Beer and Achohal, If it kills people then stop making it!!! Right?
So ...

 What will ease my extreme tiredness?
Everything is such hard work.. can't seem to shake off my tiredness, just want to go home and sleep after work. Anyone had same type of problem and how did you overcome it.
Many thanks in ...

 My friend cuts herself and doesn't want me to tell anyone?
I found out today by accident that my friend is cutting herself again. We're both 16 and she has a history of serious depression and self harm when she was 14 and she ended up in the hospital ...

 My pierced ears are infected, but the doc appointment wont be available until next month, What should i do?

 Why is my life so depressing.?
Why it is that I look at my life and I feel so empty as if there no end to tomorrow. Why it is that I am engulfed by my own life. Is there a reason why we go through all these trouble that we face in ...

 What do you do when you can't sleep?
Other than stay awake tossing and turning.
Additional Details
Thanks all, will get off the computer and try some of those now....

 When was the last time you went to the Doctor for a physical ?
With the death the "Mac" i just want to know how many people really take there health serious?
Additional Details
I hear alot of answers so are good others really make me sad! ...

 I have a friend who needs to pass a drug test, but they had their first few hits of weed 3 weeks before...?
Ya so, my friend Brianna wants to try out for soccer that's about 3 weeks from now. She had 4-5 puffs of weed and wants to pass her physical you have to get in order to try out.


 I am incredibly bored! is there anything to do at 3 40 in the morning?
well see i dont know why but i cant seem to sleep during the night but as soon as the sun comes out i sleep for about 14 hours so its obviously not insomnia idk wut to do help!
Additional D...

 What's the best thing for depression, besides prescription?

 What can my brother do to help him sleep?
My brother is 18, and he cannot sleep. He is very tired during the day but at night cannot go to sleep. He has had to take days off work due to this problem, he is too tired. He takes herbal sleeping ...

 Please please please help me!!!?
ok this morning i when i woke up i was freezing cold. when i was all ready i got this GIANT headache. so i took a couple of advil. when i went into my bedroom, and all of a sudden i had this really ...

 Headache problem?
for a whole week now i have headaches that last 20min then go away for some time and when i get the headaches i can't see out of my right eye whats happening went to see doc yesterday only gave ...

 Anyone know any quick ways to help relieve a stuffy nose?? Any help would be great!!?

 How does smoking cause cancer?
I understand it causes cancer in the lungs from nicotine and tar etc but my younger sister (who is sat smoking behind me) would like to know and im too tired to answer. T...

 I am tempted to try extacy, i hear its known as the love drug... whats happens when your on it?
i hear that this drug is called the love drug and angle dust.. why is it called that and what do you feel like on it? Do you recomend i try it or stay far away from it?...

How do you get sick quick?
I'm not one of those oddballs that try to get sick because they don't want to go to school. Actually the reason I'm asking this question is because of school. We have to write an essay that has to do with school and I'm writing mine about how kids try to skip school and one paragraph is about how stupid kids are by trying to get sick because they don't want to go to school.
Please answer!

Drink bleach or alchohol for the first time?

go to bed with your hair wet and open the window and hopfully u wake up with a cold


If someone has a cold, they drink the same drinks, use the same pillows..(saw it on Zoey 101)

I've never purposely tried to get sick nor do I know of anyone. People just pretend to be sick. They press their forehead against something warm so when their mom checks, she thinks the kid has a fever.

stay up until three and umm...pretend...

Kevin C
iuno you leave your window open all night lol happened to me :/ and i got sick and the next day....... we were gonna go on a field trip :'(

eat something that gone off
eat hot food (example chips ) then eat Cold Food (That Been Fridge) They dont Mix well Togeather!

Some people try to get sick by hanging around someone who is sick, hoping to catch their cold.

Ericka S
you can take a bath in freezing cold water and then go outside in the earliest hour in the morning when its cold bt u might catch pneumonia.

Bee Tee
you can fake sick, which im sure they do more then trying to actually get sick
faking sick entails putting a thermometer under hot water, putting a heating pad on your head, just laying in bed saying how much your stomach hurts
lol kids!

drink loads of alchol and you should be sick :p

spin around until you feel sick

Anthony B
hmm, they could take a drug to increase their temp.

take milk and put a bunch of ketchup and mustard in it with 1 raw egg. you wont make it half way.

rub some 3 day old waste (crap) on your it will make you sick really fast...u might even need to go to the hospital..

some kids sniff a dirty floor/ this might be nasty but they say that if u swallow your boogers you will get sick.

trying to get a fever with a heating pad and the chills with ice cubes
and the mumps by punching themselves in the neck so their neck will swell up
and sniffing onions so there eyes will get all red and watery

hOlLiStEr ChIcK!
It could be by just drinking after someone who is already sick. Or some kids make theirself sick.

well, one time i got sick from running in the grass barefoot...
uhm... pretending to vomit...
sharing a drink or kissing a sick person...
having wet hair with the AC on...
um... purposely eating bad food or too many sweets..
take laxatives?

eat spoiled or moldy food

YorkieGirl4Ever (Pro Jonas)
Putting your dirty hands in your mouth
Not washing your hands
Not taking a shower in a long time
Sometimes because of what is in the air
Being exposed to viruses {if someone sneezes without covering their mouth and you breath it in}

Eat a bar of soap.

staying up all night

stick the end of ur toothbrush down ur throat and u will throw up

eating bad food= food poisoning.

haha i dont know. sorry.

Michelle Zalbo
I think kids fake sick - that do not actually try to get sick...
But I've been out of school for 6 years - so it may be different now a days...

Alix K
well, my little brother gets away with this all the time. When he wakes up, he makes himself throw-up and then he would start tearing up a little. (oh by the way, he is 11 no1). He then tells my mom "I dont feel so good, and i woke up in the middle of the night because i threw up"...he does this all the time (but he kind of changes the story a little). Good luck with your essay!
-Alix :)
p.s. if you need anything else for you essay feel free to mail me.

some ones that I've heard about:
stick a finger down your throat. apparentely it works amazingly
blow-dry your face and say your really cold
fake faint
and so on

one that i've tried in the past but chickened out on:
stay up till four. make sure your eyes are extra baggy. dab cold water on and around your face. make sure you lightly dry you face. go down and tell parents don't feel well. sway a lot.

^my mom's a nurse, so I kinda chickened out of it

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