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How do you get a extremely high fever down fast?
19 year old

paracetamol & a cold bath.

Mrs.Edward Anthony Masen-Cullen
Take a COLD bath, eat popciles...if its really high, like 103.5+ go to ER

warm shower helps to break the fever. Just be careful too hot doesn't really help things and too cold can put ur body into shock. also tylenol

hot shower??? edit i meant warm

OTC fever reducer or immersing in cold water.

if it is really bad, you may want to buy a few large ice bags, and put them in a tub with some water.

i did it practically 108 fever to 98.6 by water bath rubbing body with wet cloth and pouring water all over it can low highest temp

ice bath

Run a luke warm bath with a capful of eucalyptus oil in it.

corvette girl
put them in a cold water bath,this brings down a fever over 104.if this doesnt do the trick call 911 this is an emergency..

ice pack and tylenol

Take a cool bath.

Kristy T
alternate tylenol and motrin, take tylenol then in 2 hours take motrin and so on. taking a cool shower will also help but don't freeze to death, just COOL water

ice bath

nejad helpa
ice pack and advil or tynenol.

Well I have a bunch of kids, with a wide range of ages, and used to be they said to put the kid in tepid water, but then they said not to do that anymore because the rapid temperature change was too much of a shock to the body. Then they said to use alcohol and rub the body down, but now they say that is not cool because of all the alcohol fumes and to just use rags dipped in tepid water and rub down different parts of the body at a time. Use ibuprofen instead of Tylenol, works better on fevers, or alternate every four hours, ibuprofen, then Tylenol. Also do not cover up which is the tendency, let the heat escape. If the fever stays high for more than a day, or gets above 104, seek medical attention.

Denise M
like many have said before: Ibuprofin or Acetominophen and Cold packs. Ice packs at the groin, armpits and neck will do the most good the quickest.

if your fever is over 103-104, it's best to get to the ER FAST. a fever that high can mean DEATH or serious BRAIN DAMAGE and a life threatening infection. Getting the fever down does not get rid of the bacteria. It just will mask the problem for the short term.

Get to the doc if you run this high fever for more than 24 hours.

By this time you could have gone (or taken) this person to a hospital.A very high fever can even kill a person.Get to a hospital.Why take a chance??

Wash off with rubbing alcohol

Bob H
Tylonol works well, and take a cool bath. But you have to be careful, they can be deadly.

A cool bath,,,but if the fever stays you need to go to the ER,, ALSO take a fever reducer a in Tylenol

Ice bath. Tylenol. Hydration.

Science Geek
Put the person in cool water and call a friggin ambulence. Notice I said cool, not cold or freezing water (roughly 65 degrees is good); ice water can put the person into shock and should only be done in a hospital.

tepid bath - not too hot or cold.

Ibuprofen, cool water. Get right in the tub if you can. How High is the fever? If it is too high you need medical help. You can have permanent damage if you have a fever too long.

daljack -a girl
Be very careful because a high fever can kill you.

Getting in some cool water sometimes works.

tepid water not cold and then alcohol wipe downs and ice packs on the neck and head

a medium to cold bath works the best

Me M
eat hot soup or something. chicken noodle is actually been proven to help when you're sick. when you have a fever, it means your body's trying to heat something out of it, to kill a virus or whatever. so if you help yourself heat up, it will eventually cool you down. or at least just make you feel more human again.

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