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How do you clean your ears without using q-tips?

A bobby pin (small hair pin)...but don't go too deep. Much better than a q-tip.

I stick my elbows directly in my ears and move them around. If that doesn't work, then I use the toilet brush. Good luck.

beeswax candles, but don't do it yourself yea can burn your ears doing it with out profesional help

Chastity Fufkin, Polymer Records
I am usually so gunked up that I have to go in there with a small shovel and a pick axe

ears are self cleaning

here's how I do it - because my ears can generate some wax (Shrek jr)

while lying on a towel - put a cap full of hydrogen peroxide in your ear until it quits bubbling ( I do this step twice)
change sides to do other ear

in your bathroom sink draw some warm water (warm to touch - if too hot for fingers - WAY too hot for ears) fill a 1/2 cup or so squeezie bottle (ear syringe?) full -
then tilt head over sink - put syringe nozzle in ear - and PUSH HARD

then be surprised what you find in the sink (I do this twice also)
....change water
then do the other ear

afterward - mix a small solution of 1/2 alcohol and 1/2 vinegar
put a few drops in each ear

this will dry the ear and kill any fungus

Use a water pick/pik (?) and tilt your head. The wax will come out.

The ear candle is also a good solution.

I use a car key............lol ..if you have a wax build up problem you should ask a doctor. They make a thing that looks kinda like a basting tool but it all rubber and ball shaped with a long tip. you fill with warm water an squeeze the bulb hard an out squirts the wax. I have used this on my dogs they get wax buildup....

A small bobby pin works great just be careful that you don't take it in to your eardrum,b/c just like a q-tip it can injure your eardrum.My 7 yr old son likes me to clean his ears with sweet oil,and that`s also keeps him from getting ear infections.

I just wait for my husband to give me a wet willy(tongue in ear)! :)

Just kidding.....

I use the forbidden Q-tip. Been digging out my ears for 36 years with no problems. Just don't walk around and clean your ears or you might bump into something and jam it in too deep.

Gary P
You could roll up tissue paper, but never stick it in too far; q-tips dont reach too far into the ear in the first place. Or you could do what I've seen some utterly slobbish people do and dig around in there with a car or house key.

Just Me
I always thought it strange that Q-tips say not to put them in your ear! I guess this is more humor and an answer, but I can recall 10 years ago a boy in high school told me he used the underwear he had just taken off (a clean area I suppose), wrapped it around his pinky and stuck that it there to clean the ears.

I use a large eye dropper and rinse my ears with peroxide each night. A German doctor did a study that germs come in through your ears and not your nose or mouth and that will prevent colds. I have no idea how sound that study findings really were.

you just wipe theoutside with a wsh cloth or tissue, You aren't supposed to stick things into your ear canal


the elbow answer cracked me up


tip your head to the side and pour peroxide in your ear then let it drain out after a few seconds

you are supposed to just wipe the inside with a wash cloth, aren't you? only as deep as your finger tip will allow you.

i am bad and use q tips. SD

Wash the exterior with water and wipe clean with a cloth. Put a few drops of sterile water (without any additives) inside the ear, turn your head to the other side so that the water gets inside the ear without dropping out. Hold for a minute or two, and if any water drains out, wipe it clean.
After 10 minutes, take a clean ball of surgical cotton, roll a part of it into a thick elongated bar (size to enter the ear hole 50%), slightly moisten the cotton bar with clean water, gently insert it into the wet innards of the ear, twirl slowly so as not to harm the eardrum, pull it out slowly. You will find the cotton roll has acquired the colour of the inner wax. Repeat this procedure as often as necessary.
As a general rule, perform this cleaning once a fortnight. Never put any chemical (even glycerine) inside the ear.

The doctor puts this little cup to Ur ear & takes a big shringe of hot water & power washes ur ear. But only some one like a doctor that knows how hard to spray it.

First, don't insert anything into your ear canal. Ear wax is actually a good thing -- it has acidic properties that help keep your ears healthy. If you insert q-tips into your ear, you will push wax further into your ear and possibly clog your ear over time. Clean the outside of your ears only. If you need to clean excess wax from your ear canals, get an ear wax kit from your local pharmacy.

If you mean your outer ears, a washcloth works well for me.

For the ear canal, you should not use cotton tip applicators or any object inside your ear. You could damage fragile tissue and/your ear drum. As far as wax, though you may get some on the applicator, whether you realized it or not, you will end up packing more wax further back against the eardrum.

If you wish to clear out wax from inside your ear, get an earwax removal kit that has drops and a bulb flusher and follow the directions. If that does not adequately clear the wax, you should see your physician to have it safely and adequately removed.

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