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Lauren Loves Paramore!
How come my feet are always...?
How come my feet are always red?
It's so weird,it's like whenever i stand up..my toes and around my toes turn bright red and stay that way-same with my hands...they also turn reddish.
I had an experiment..and put my feet in the air towards the celing..when i put my feet on the floor..they were normal..perfect white color..Then starting changing to red again!What is this?
No one else has this-and make fun of me for it =[
How can i prevent this?
Any info is really helpful..thanks!
Additional Details
Btw I'm 12..
If that helps anything lol

also,if i stay on my feet long enough-they turn black!and they seem to turn black more when sitting down.
I where skinny jeans-and i tie my shoes tight sometimes..would that be it?This started about..4 years ago..im guessing..but i hate it cause its ugly =[

Esther S

sUmmEr LoVer
dont no

idk srry

not sure, maybe its a rash????

irr idk but my feet kind of do that sometimes too .....it might be a reaction to something

You can't prevent it, it's just the way your body is. The blood rushes to your feet when they are on the ground because of gravity, when you had them pointed upwards towards the cieling the blood was rushing down your leg back towards your body so the red color left your foot. It's all gravity.

You should probably talk to your doctor really really soon.
my mom had something just like that then she went for a check up and they said she was lucky.. they found that her blood had not enough clotts in it or clods or whatever the chunky things in your blood are called, and thats why it all ran to her feet and hands when her arms were down.. and with this.. if you get a bruise.. the blood all comes out of a vain.. which is what a bruise iss and you can lose too much blood from the vain into your body, without enough blood in your vain you could die.. my mom wasn't allowed to do anything.. not even leave the hospital cuzz if she just simply hit her head, got a bruise, and lost a bit of blood she'd become dizzy and faint.. she had this for a long time.. then she just had a simple check up and this is what happened....
just in case.. i thin kyou should really get that checked outt.

you have a circulation problem you might what to have that checked out

this happens when the blood flows to your body, it's actually better for yor limbs to glow a red color than white, that means they're getting oxygen

LFS Photography
its a bloodflow issue.
if you wear really tight skinny jeans, its hard for the blood to travel back up your legs, and back to the heart. :

Hi 3,
I think you need to see your doctor and tell him what is happening to you..It sounds like a circulation problem and you really need to have it checked out My Friend..
A Friend,

I'll Be Your Crying Shoulder
weird, but i dont think there is anything wrong with it.

i dont know!
i have the same thing but with my hands!
i think it is because they are cold!
try putting you feet in hot water for a few minutes and then take it out, dry then and put them under a blanket and see if it is because they are cold!
unless you are worried of embarrassment, it is ok because it is nothing serious, health wise.

good luck =]

Helen Scott
I would imagine it has to do with blood flow. I don't think it's something you'd want to prevent....blood flow is important.

These symptoms are an indication something is probably going on with your circulation or heart (an example only).

Please let your mom know what's going on as well as your doctor so that they can evaluate what's going on to see what could be causing this problem.

Maybe there is a problem with your circulation?

It sounds like you have greater blood flow in your feet and hands than most people. It's nothing to worry about and it certainly isn't something you can prevent. It's just how your body is. If your friends are making fun of you for it, than I suggest they find something better to do with their time.

I would say you have very good blood circulation to your feet. You probably wouldnt get cold feet when everyone else does. When you are putting your legs up, your blood cant get to your feet as easy, so that is why they go white. You will probably find lots of infomation on the net if you had a look on circulation. Otherwise see a dr and he might be able to suggest something

Addicted to Yahoo
Your blood is not circulating right its all going to your feet...when you lift them up its all draining out thats why they turn normal.... I know alot of people that have it though(including me) I'm not tooo worried about it though , maybe I should be!

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