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How can you tell from someone's appearance whether they drink heavily or smoke marijuana?

their face looks very red if they drink a lot and they're eyes look all stoned if they smok marijuna....at least thats what i heard

a drinker tends to have yellow eyes, as in the whites turn yellowish

Mrs. S
You can't really unless they've been ravaged by it... in which case you wouldnt be asking us this question.

audra h
When someone drinks heavily their face and hands usually look swollen and red. Also their nose looks all crater looking and bumpy. As for smoking marijuana the visual symptoms are less severe. Usually red blood shot eyes and a goofy appearance.

Pupils dialated, shaky, color on lips

But the easiest way to tell is the smell of their breath, hands, and clothes

Chronically bloodshot eyes...

oh yea, they will STINK like weed. Their clothes, hair, car, apartment...everything will smell like weed.

As for booze, just watch and observe them when they drink. Once they have that first drink, if they cannot control it and drink to oblivion, they are an alcoholic. It does not matter if they drink daily or once a year - CONTROL is the key factor in observing somebody's behavior with alcohol.

As for weed, well see if they get the munchies all the time...red, bloodshot eyes, stinky clothes, roaches in the ashtray, hemostats, rolling paper, etc etc etc.

You can't always tell. Sometimes they look bad, like not clean, or hung over. Sometimes they still smell of alcohol or pot. But you can't always tell.

Drama Queen
their eyes will most likely be bloodshot if they have done either recently (like in the last few hours). also w/ marijuana their pupils dilate (get big) for a couple of hours after.
also sometimes you can smell it in their clothes.

if they are high or 'out of it'

the eyes are usually the first giveaway.
manner of standing/walking

Well if your drink regular you will problem have this "lost" look in the morning can't function without a cup of coffee, slow to move around faint smell of booze.
But with marijuana it's harder to detect maybe a smell of burnt leaves. the most obvious way to tell is if they are wear sunglasses and smiling like hell, They smoke marijuana

effin drunk
You can't always tell. There are stereotypical signs - red eyes, droppy eyelids, unshaven appearance - but they could also be caused by allergies, natural facial design, etc.

bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, smell of alcohol or weed,

kate d
You can tell if someone is a heavy drinker because they develop white rings around the pupils of their eyes and the lower lid droops, the skin on their face thickens and yellows and they get thick noses especially blokes. Smokers give it away because um they looked stoned, droopy eyes, slow speech if they have smoked for years, bit like punched drunk. I work in the community service field and it really is quite easy to pick both drinkers and smokers with practise.

when they are smoking marijuana they will freak out when they see snow on the tv and they think its gonna get them FYI i did that 2 days ago

dark bags under eyes, i guess. people who abuse substances are often unhappy cause they're craving more stimulation.

Arnold D
if heavy drinker, his hands is shivering.
if marijuana smoker, has abnormal eyes

Not always. I know a guy who smokes pot heavily. He's done it since high school and is now in his late forties. He looks like a corporate professional, intellectual, very composed.

I've only known one alcoholic, well. He didn't have any teeth.

Red eyes
sunken eyes, or dark circles around their eyes
smell like alcohol or marijuana
sallow or see-through looking skin, "worn-out" looking skin
tired looking
looks older than they are

I guess that's all I know...

Shimmy D
Well, you may be able to smell alcohol in their breath very often. And as far as smoking goes, their clothes probably smell like weed all the time.

Only when their high for marijuana can you tell by their appearance. Unless they smell like it.

For heavy heavy drinkers like alcoholics, you can sometimes tell if they have red cheeks. Or they smell like alcohol =)

sally salamander
if they dont wash there hair is usually a sign, or wear dirty or smelly clothes.

Simply put, in my observation they both act like effin' retards.

The drunk slurs and is way too happy & mellow.

The pot head thinks he's so "insightful" and "deep."

♥♪ Zee ☆♫
Unless they reak of marijuana and have buldging red eyes then you cant stereotype. Just like the drunk. If they reak of alchohol and their speech is impaired then you can assume. Other than that its stereotyping.

usually people who just look old and worn out those are the ones..no offense to anyone! But sometimes you really just cant tell especially with marijuana because people who have been doing it for a long time know how to hide its effects.

artsy indie chick
can you? idk. people are tricksy. don't judge a book by it's cover lol.

it is hard to tell unless they are under the influence. alcoholics sometimes smell like booze. stoners sometimes have dilated pupils and red eyes

YaHoO dUdE
They forgot to put clothes on.

Marijuana= dark lips, yellow finger tips and their skin looks kinda ashy

Drink=alot of times they have a beer belly

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