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We're in my dorm room at my high school (It's a high school where you stay all year untill Summer time, and holidays)
My friend is really sick. She's throwing up so badly and it&#...

 What do you do if you feel like throwing up?
this is not a pregnancy question.

is drinking water would make you feel better?


please tell.


 I know this is kinda a stupid question but.... can u help me?
I can't cleen my room... i have worked for days but i seems to get messier and messier! I am normally a very clean and neat person but in this last year it has just... gathered all of my junk ...

 Am i honestly ugly???
Hey, I’m definitely not one of those stupid annoying people who asks this just for the attention and reassurance of their looks. I really honestly think I'm ugly, some people tell me its not ...

 What do you Love about life?

 If you could stay any age for the rest of your life, what age would it be?
My birthday's on sunday and it really makes me think.....

 How do you pass a drug test for marijuana in 24 hours?

 I'm 15 and I'm pregnant - what am I going to to???
Oh my goodness, I posted earlier saying my period was late and I was worried about being pregnant and everyone said I had to do a pregnancy test so I went and bought one at the supermarket and it'...

 Which moment in history will you or do you remember that shocked you the most?

 Is anyone else scared to die?
I panic about this problem every night, im sure that noboddy wants to die but is it normal to be so scared about it,

I just feel like my life is going so fast im 27 already it has flown by ...

 Does wearing eyeglasses and braces makes you a geek, nerd or whatever?
i'm still 12 years old and my eyesight is a little bit blur so i wear eyeglasses..
my teeth are also crooked so i also need to wear braces..
will that make me a nerd?.i really don'...

 How do women sleep?
Besides closing the eyes and dream, do they sleep on the side, laying on the stomech or on the back? This is just a general question....

 A course of antibiotics...Do u need to take the rest if u feel better after 2 days?

 I am seriously depressed, I do not want to live another moment. What can I do? Everything hurts?

 Is it bad to occasionally smoke?
I have a couple good friends that smoke im 13 and i was wondering if you think it would really be that bad if i had a smoke once in a while with them so not to be the odd man out.i would never smoke ...

 What's wrong with my sister?
When I get up in the morning, I go to the bathroom and then eat my breakfast and read newspaper then do my work...etc
But my sister is really weird. The first thing she does in the morning is go ...

 Does smoking make a person look older?
I know that smoking is'nt a healthy passtime, but my Aunt tells me it can also make me look older than I actually am. Is that true & if so, how does it cause premature aging?...

 Who Sleeps Naked?
I do and love it!!!

No restrictions, comfortable, and also healthy....not good to keep the manhood bundled up.

Who else and why?...

 How come when you sneeze, people say god bless you?

 I havent smoked weed for a month and a half, then i took 1 small hit of a joint last tuesday. positive test?
i have to get a drug test because i was caught with weed at school and i have been drinking lots of water and pissing a ...

How can you give yourself a hickie on your neck?

You can't... and why would you want to anyway??

Jet Li
well a vucuum cleaner would be too big--maybe a bendy straw

Joe G
why do u want to?

!♂♥stranger in neverland♥♂
u cant. try getting a girlfriend to do that, or at least a vacume cleaner!

The Token Emo Kid
i guess you have to be very fexible

Be mr fanstastic and give it NO you cant unless with a vacuum cleaner

But,I don't want to give myself a hickie on my neck.next question?

Darth Vader 1415
you dont, that realy is kinda stupid

LOL, why would you want to do that? Try a vacuum.

A vacuum cleaner hose, but why would you want to?

By convincing the person you're *supposed* to be with that you weren't with somebody else.

Beast from the East
Play violin for a while

No-thank you for the 2

wtf? O.o unless your in the guiness world records you can't. it's like trying to lick your elbow.

im lost
why in the hell would you want to make it look like you got a hickie, how old are you...13?

grab a nice handful of neck and keep squeezing and squeezing, in and out.... it will leave a hickey!


hey hows it going buddy
that is a **** load of answers in two minutes

a vacume cleaner hose sucs

get a girl and then put your hand on her head and push down on it

umm welll how about u like get umm a girl or boy to like do it for u :] that works

ok, my younger cousins were showing me this trick on my hand - wet your skin, put salt on the wet spot and hold an ice cube on the spot. it looked like a hickie on the back of my hand after a couple of seconds. I don't think thats what they intended (they are like 7 and 8) but it's what it looked like to me. By the way, don't do it, it's lame. plus real hickies look gross, too.

ruh.beh.cuh (:

Buy yourself a hover vac.

Wow that is sad...

Daniel M
Vacuum. You could maybe use a breast pump.

OH! I bet getting a garden hose that was cut to about 2-3 feet, then sticking one end in your mouth and the other on your neck! Then you would literally be giving yourself a hickie...none of that mechanized crap...all manpower on this baby!


lasha s
why would you want to do that ?

Take your hand and move your mouth until it is just over the place on your neck where you want the hickie, and go about it in the usual fashion.

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