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 Can smoking be good for you?
I don't normally smoke, but roughly once a year or so I keep in practice by buying a packet of twenty cigarettes and smoke them, in order that I won't find them too offensive should I ever ...

 Is it possible to contract crabs from a stoat?

 I need help to find out why i lkke guys with veiny hands and arms?
guys that have the veins that run from their fingers to their elbos make me hot. see them pop when they work or are doing nothing makes me hot. why is this??????????...

 Do farts have lumps?

 Ok so i am having this sorta of problem, for the past few weeks i 'burp' constantly, like theres air pressure
in my throat and then it comes up as a burp but it happens continuosly and for a few weeks now . is there something wrong with me? what is this?...

 Quit smoking now my lungs hurt?
I quit smoking about 2 weeks ago, I had a hard time breathing so I quit. It seems now since I quit I still breath the same, but my lungs hurt worse than they ever have. Is that normal when you quit ...

 My dad has to go to a oncologist. what does that mean?

 I've lost my eyelashes!!!?
Last year I woke up and the centers of my eyelashes were gone and a week later the same thing happened to the other eye. I have been to the doctor and the only answer was stress. But they have not ...

 I have white little pills, and they have no writing on them at all. they are oval shaped. \?
does ne one know what they are? they are really small ...

 I aM bOrEd!?
does anyone hav any ideas for what i can do at home?
i tried everything:
watching tv
video games
internet surfing
going out (but its ...

 I've got atheist's foot, what can I do?

 How to get sick?
ok my friend wanted me to ask this but how do you get sick? she wants to be sick..its complicated to explain but its a good explanation. lol yeah weiird and she said she will do anything but:
1. ...

 I'm only 27 years old any ideas why i'm getting grey hair on my head?

 I got a tattoo 6 days ago is the skin where the tattoo is suppose to be peeling?

 Is dizziness a sign of eating too little?

Additional Details
well cuz i noticed when i go to sleep hungry i wake up dizzy. But if i eat too late i get heartburn. so i don't know what to do! i dont want to confuse that with ...

 IS Anyone online?
it's 2:35 am I'm tired and going to bed good night!...

 Where can I buy a syringe?

 How can I get rid of stress?
I'm a little stressed about being a freshman this year. And my friend is leaving for the Marine Corps. Thats majorly stressing me out....

 My mouth is very dry when I wake up in the morning, Can anyone help?
It started about a month ago, my mouth became really dry when I wake up in the morning, I have tried to drink plenty of water before I go to bed, but this didn't help. Do anyone know why, any ...

 Does drinking alcohol increase the symptoms of an UTI?

Additional Details
I drank 2 smirnoffs and instantly felt like throwing up and i'm curious if it's because of the infection....

Joey B
How can you ask a girl that you want to sniff her feet?

I like your style.

Tell her that her grubby little nubbies are that damn cutest things you've ever seen. Then hold em, kiss em, and sniff em as much as you freakin please. She won't mind a bit.

Ruben A
Just do it, don't ask.

i wouldn't ... it is wierd and creepy

Jeff w
There are many ways, most that I know involve consequence.

e g
well why would you want to sniff her feet??

Ask that girl if you can take her shoes off, then start massaging her feet, then go ahead start your business dude.

Beware that girl might get turned on!

please don't, thats just plane weird! if you want her to still like you i would forget about the whole feet sniffing thing.

For fetish type reasons???

You need to know her VERY well ans be VERY comfortable with knowing she wont freak out at this suggestion before you ask.

Otherwise- just offer her a foot massage - kiss those toes and have a sneaky sniff at the same time.

Have footsie fun

Mr. Bugsme
If you're 25 or under, tell her your frat is making you sniff womens' feet and can she please help you satisfy your quota by giving you a good whiff of her feet?

you don't.
because that's wierd and creepy

carefully, very carefully

thats weird man

forget about smelling her feet and seek some counseling. that's not a normal desire.

I dont think you should ask her... maybe just wait until shes sitting barefoot with her feet over your lap and just go for it

i don't think there's any good way of doing this.. perhaps you could drop something on the ground by her feet, kneel down to get it, and sniff her feet without her even knowing?

Do you know this person? If it's a stranger it'd be a little hard.

Just pick a gal with Limberger cheese feet, and no one will ever have to know....

uuummm do it whilst shes sleeping or something so that she will never know cos she probably dump you.... thats weird!

u say 'hey bb nice toes'

You can,t. Ya PERV.

Try starting by giving her a foot massage. Then you can casually work your way to sniffing her feet.l

Don't ask. Just go ahead and try it. See what happens.

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