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The Ghost Rider
How can i cover up the scent of another woman?
When i play away and eventually have to go home I try to reduce the scent of females - body and perfume etc.
Sometimes i use vicks on my nose & top lip. I can't stand peppermint like the extra strong ones.

But what other natural smells could i use to get me out of jail free?
Additional Details
.J. J. Sweet innocent J.
Why do you think a man's mouth would smell? Pudding? something sweet offered to him? Not such a bright spark now are we .......

Paul Anthony F
Use Carbolic soap

you can use spray

"U" is for Uranium
Try not f'ing abound on your wife in the first place?

Maybe someone should stop by your place and leave their man-scent all over her.

lol, well vicks works a treat but what about a facial balm?

I just hope you get caught!!!

pour a stella down yourself... a say you were fight to break up a fight... this works two ways one you cover the smell and two you are the big man who broke up a fight.... down side you have to say you spent your time at the pub. so not as good now thinking about it.

just shower and eat a curry

Take a shower and wash all your clothes. This will probably make your wife suspicious though if it's something she's not used to seeing you do. Women's intuition is extremely strong - so don't expect to get away with it for very long. lol :-)

omg, hows about you dont get rid of the smell but get rid of your g.f/wife so she can find someone better than a cheating scumbag like you.

Well i suggest instead of trying to cover up other womens smell with mints vicks ext.........either dump your partner as its totally not fair on what your doing,then you will be able to do what you want to do.Why treat somebody in this way?have you never herd the saying.........Treat ppl how you owt to be treated?would you like to be treated this way?get a grip and sort your life out.......You owt to be lucky for what you have .......your playing with fire and if your caught,you may regert it.....then it will be too late

Have a shower and use the Imperial Leather Limited Edition shower gels. They smell heavenly!!!

Take a shower , but make sure you use the same brand and fragrance that you have at home, Then do some exercise so you dont smell too fresh.


I hope youre wife is cheating on you too, you parasite!

Wash your mouth out with soap of course!
Course you could ask your wife how she gets rid of the male smell. She might not be as stupid as you think!!

Take a shower you dirty, dirty boy!

shirley v
you could use a cold bath

gina f
i think you are just trying to have your cake and eat it, men like u need to be found out by your wives so they can beat u with abig stick, if my man eva cheated on me, i would happily cut his man hood off and make him smoke it, u need to leave your wife alone, and let her find a decent man that will, treat her with respect, u mate are messin with fire and it wont be long till ur fire is put out, have a good day

Don't go there in the first place. I don't like men like you. If you need to play away you need to get rid asa she isn't doing it for you.

take shower.

She will find out you know.... If she doesn't know already!!!

Do the right thing and let her be free to find someone who respects her.

wtf you cheatin on your girl for!
man chances are your real girl loves you or at least really likes you to be livin with you!
i know how you can cover up your ****
cut your head off
you wont smell the hoes you hittin then!
man wtf...
i hate cheaters... AUGH!

You really shouldn't be married, that's the best way, so that you won't have to lie to anyone.
It you want to be a slime ball you can always say you took a night job at a ladies' spa or something.

stop cheating A**Hole!!!!

shame on you.

Annie M
How about rolling yourself in dog sh*t before you go indoors.

michelle G
prat hope you get a std !

I'm so glad your not my husband at least try and keep it a secret!

I'm trying to figure out how vicks on your own face rids the smell of skanks from your body so that other people can't smell it. That just doesn't make sense. You wouldn't be able to smell them, but she would. And seeing as vicks is REALLY potent, you mean to tell me she doesn't smell THAT and is curious as to why it's on your face in the first place? I find it hard to believe that you actually get any women in the first place.

Dude are you serious...messin' with fire.....

why don't you just leave the poor woman so she can find someone better than a cheating,l lying, gutless scumbag...

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