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How can I make my woman get breast implants?
I am good to her, she is not as pretty as her two sister. Her breasts are not adequate. I say it would make her beautiful. I stay with her because her parents are infirm and wealthy. They can pay. She says she is scared they cause breast cancer but this is not true. I let her cook and clean for me when it is her unclean time, even making love. I do not beat her for this. Yet she shows me no respect.

Sheena L
Easy answer......... YOU CANT

YOU show HER no respect. If she's not pretty enough go find someone else. It's her body not yours.
Yes I know this is a fake question, you used up 5 points just to be stupid. Go take a flying leap.

sweet cheeks
Is this a pathetic Joke. You sure give Pakistan a bad name.

beca w
you shouldnt MAKE you woman do anythin... you should love her for who she is!!!

Daniel M
You cannot force anyone to do anything, unless they want to. It is not your decision as to what she does and what she doesn't do. She probably does show you respect, but because of this one, insignificant thing, you fail to acknowledge anything she does for you. It is also not a matter of who pays for it, either. She has a right to be scared, as plastic surgery, any surgery, for that fact, has its risks. Plastic surgery can go horribly wrong, and how would you like it if her surgery went wrong, and she ended up with any of the following?
* Asymmetry
* Breast pain
* Breast tissue atrophy
* Calcification/calcium deposits
* Capsular contracture
* Chest wall deformity
* Delayed wound healing
* Extrusion
* Galactorrhea
* Granuloma
* Hæmatoma
* Iatrogenic injury/damage
* Infection, including Toxic Shock Syndrome
* Inflammation/irritation
* Malposition/displacement
* Necrosis
* Nipple/breast changes
* Palpability/visibility
* Ptosis
* Redness/bruising
* Rupture/deflation
* Scarring
* Seroma
* Unsatisfactory style/size
* Wrinkling/rippling
You would probably leave her for one of her sisters, who you would treat as the scumbag you are.
Judging by your previous, and I'm guessing, future, questions, you are a person who believes that you have to get whatever you want, at the expense of others. If anyone were to contradict your views, such as I and the rest of the Yahooligans, you would do all that is in your power to manipulate them to believe what you believe, and if it were to come to the worst, destroy them. And so I beg you, listen to your wife, and make your own life better.

jennifer p
you're screwed up, a gold digger and u r taking her for granted. letting her cook and clean for you is not exactly how to show love which seems like thats all you do. its all about you you you.
sugestion is let her divorce your stinking **** meet a decent bloke and then get a breast implant..

Mopar Muscle Gal
hog tie her after drugging her and take her to the surgeon

candi k
ha ha haa thats funny.
perfect english at first then it gets worse? are you racist and anti muslim?

Jovita I
IM THINK your head its just a good plase for a headlines!

hahahahaha u again.

get out of her life! You dont deserve her!

well i really cant see why she doesnt respect you. you are a super guy who obviously thinks that she is everything to you! if her **** aren't big enough for you then do the girl a big favour and forget about the inheritance from her parents, they'll probably live for years anyway, and go find a bird with bigger **** because she is right implants can cause a lot of problems and lets be honest you are really not worth the trouble are you!

Sounds more like you need a brain implant more than she needs a breast implant. She needs to dump you and go to the pound if she wants another dog. I'm sure she's beautiful just the way she is. If she's as smart as I think she is then she'll dump you and keep the breast she's got.


dude. you're really messed up. it's her body, don't force her to do anything she doesn't want with it. you don't deserve her, especially if you're only with her for her parents' money. i feel very sorry for this girl.

you are really dumb... if shes not good looking why dont you put your picture up? maybe you need a brain implant

You should either love her for who she is, or she can do better than you.

Apparently you live in a different country than me.
Your values are not the same.

According to my standards, you do not deserve respect.
More likely, you should be shot.

Gavin T
Maybe when you get a brain transplant...yours seems not to be working.

You are very odd.

take her as u find her...if U dont like it then FU*k OFF

How about YOU get the breast implants? Then you can play with them all day and never have to leave the house. P*^%k.

another little boy playing on the Internet, does mummy know your still up ?

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