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How can I make my voice sound like I'm sick?
Is there anything I can eat or drink for that?
I need my voice to be like that just one day

Don't cut school or skip work. Nice try. Try easing into your question a little more subtly next time.

My brother said to swallow broken glass.

swallow something that you would choke on

Clog your throat with Peanut Butter.... I have no idea lol

Uh why?

kiki dee
You can practice and pretend, scream at the top of your voice, or just act like you have laryngitis.

i don't know

Tommy S
drink and eat a lot of cold stuff and it will make ur throat soar

Talk from your chest.You should keep in mind the old story about the "Boy who cried wolf".

Fake it, or just scream into a pillow as loud as you can for a few minutes. Why are you trying to have a sick voice...lol

Cara G
Just scream into your pillow for like an hour that should do it lol why??

why would you want that??? anyway, i think you could try yelling a lot..that might work

If it's to phone in sick call first thing in the morning, and/or lie on the bed or sofa with your head off the edge.
Works like a charm ~!

Why? Scream at the top of your lungs for about five minutes.

make it weak and helpless-:)

dont drink and breath through your mouth and dont swallow your saliva, makes your throat dry out and you sound really ill

If you're trying tp get out of work, lay down when you make the call. It actually makes you sound like you're sick

Louise R
cough a lot

Scream into a pillow for awhile.....

christin b
Cough scream or sing really loud!
It works
Ive done it tons of times.

spray some water up your nose to irritate your sinuses, then you will sound sick, and perhaps feel sick for a few mins.

Talk real low and a little scratchy. Try to sound like you aren't paying attention to the phone or if in person body language works well. Good luck.

♥ Xite ♥
Just fake it!
Or scream your head off for a few hours, that should work.

Try talking like an elderly person.

Punch yourself in your throat

Have a friend karate chop you in the throat, that should do it!

since i barely get sick and still need to claim sick days, i lay on my bed on my back and hang my head over the side, and talk normal. its not over the top but makes you sound a little rough!!

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