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Blubber P
Help i have gas and i can't fart or burp!?
my stomach is in so much pain, im not constipated or atleast i was able to poop a few minutes ago it was just kinda hard. But its really hard to fart and its just harboring in my stomach and causing a lot of pain. Why is that so? and how do i get rid of it?

take some metamucil...or laxative. Or if you can, eat an apple or apple juice.

try a couple of tums or some other antiacid

Beano and there will "be no" gas.

take tums smoothies

Im a professional doctor so we come to the point without wasting time
Take a glass preferably with water in it dissolve 250mg of NaCl in it and drink it . And then be active , eat less work more

um... laxatives maybe? or gas relief pills? not really sure...

try patting your chest, like you would burp a baby. or take some tums.

GAS X its the answer.

Seth H
Try to grunt.

Anita B
hot tea - there's a senna tea that you can drink once in a while to relieve constipation - it works wonders, also relieves gas. Good luck!

have you tried some Alka-seltzer? really helps at our house

drink a little baking soda and water. it says on the box how much to use

Try drinking a can of soda, like pepsi.
Always makes me burp.

fill up your tub with hot water and take a looong hot bath while massaging your stomach, also taking the baking soda with a little of water helps, but not if you are really about to burst. Just try what I said previously and try to relax.. remember that when we stress our muscles tend to tighten, and well those are muscles that will constrict the way of gas to get out of your system. Hope you feel better :(

cortney l
ahhhhh tmi

If you can, try and get up and move around. Walk around the block, that should get you moving around enough to allow the "gas" to pass through. No promises though.

if your in a lot of pain, i'd go the the ER. My sister had a similar pain in her pelvis, and it turned out to be real serious. Don't want to scare you, but if walking around doesn't help, then that would be the next best thing.

chug a mt dew. always works for me. In a can, not a bottle.

Katie N
'The mom' has the best answer by far. The walking thing does help too sometimes.

Also, the 'doctor' isn't a doctor, yet. He is a 3rd year medical student. Still learning. Also, he plans on becoming a dj!?! Medical students can technically call themselves a doctor, but while at a hospital they are still overseen by full fledge doctors. In my opinion, medical students shouldn't be giving out medical advice online or going around saying things like 'I'm a doctor so blah blah blah'.

Also, if you went to the hospital and had pains in your abdomen or chest, would you want a student or graduate working on you?

My last gripe is 'eat less work more'. How does this cad know how much you eat? What if you are an anorexic or bulemic. How does he know how much you work? Is he a stalker in his spare time? (my friend who finished medical school and is in his residency has no spare time, but this man finds enough time to dj so maybe he can stalk too)

By the way, for those of us who aren't interested in touting our knowledge of chemistry. NaCl is table salt. Why didn't he just say that?

drink hot tea. it would help digest and soothe your stomach pain.
at least it works for me.

The mom
Well, burping at this point really isn't an option. Once it gets past the stomach, the only route is out- not up. You can try massaging your stomach to help move it towards the exit. Press just below your belly button, then slowly move down and to the right, just above the leg joint. Press and move upwards along the right side to just below your ribs, across to your left side, and then down the left side of the belly. That is the path your intestines take. If the pain is mostly centered near your belly button, it's still in the small intestine and it will be a bit before you can move it along. If you have a washing machine, you can also set it to spin and lean against it- the jiggling will help move things along as well. Or you can have a nice soak in the tub, hot water should help as well. You may be slightly constipated, so it probably wouldn't hurt to have some extra veg or whole grains in the diet for a few days at least. Finally, drink plenty of water. The swallowing sets up the muscle contractions that help the colon move things along- the more you swallow the more often that happens- reason why so many people need to go after they eat. With luck, things should move along for you fairly quickly.

hahahahahahahahahahahaha!funniest question ive ever read!!!!!!maby you should go see a doctor!lol.

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