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Theo P
Feeling faint, dizzy and wanting to black out?
for the past 24 hours i have been feeling dizzy, and feeling faint and almost wanting to black out, my blood pressure reads 133/72 dont know how to read blood pressure readings, anywho this had come on suddenly while i was sitting on my chair talking on the phone yesturday and has been conitnuing till today. its hard to explain baisicllay feels as if i was hanging upside down for a while. i have been drinking plenty of water and juice. i dont know what this is should i call my doctor?

by all means...it could be anything from a brain tumor to a common cold

Why are you on the computer asking question? Go see your doctor.

call your doctor, this can be a sign of serious heart problems even if your blood pressure appears normal!

pregnant maybe or anemic

You are taking a big chance. Do you want to be found on floor. Call your doctor or hosp.

yes contact the doctor...your blood pressure is ok so it could be your blood sugar...meaning you are a diabetic or hypoglacemic....it could even be a urinary tract infection


Run with it!! Its free. Most people spend lots of $$ to get that same sensation.

Call your doctor. It could be nothing, but at the same time do you really want to find out the hard way?

yes call your doctor and see what he has to say just to be safe..your bottom number of your blood pressure seems low

Go to an emergency room...NOW! It could be anything. Have someone to drive you.

sandy v
Your blood pressure is fine.Could be anything from an inner ear infection to very serious things.If you are a female you could be pregnant.But anyway inner ear infections can cause symptoms like your own because it throws your equilibrium way off.But still DO CALL YOUR DOCTOR.Be sure to go thru all medications you have been taking if so.You could be having a drug reaction as well.

My blood pressure had been that high with no problems--you should check with your doctor. Dont eat salt like Meli said, it raises blood pressure.

Call your doctor. Usally regular physicians, dont know to much about dizziness, since it is one of the biggest medical mysteries. If the doctor doesn't help, go to a ent or neurologist. it could possibly be your sugar level, if not i would recommend to drink alot of water and eat alot of salt to keep the water in. The doc may say it's vertigo, but thats just a wide term for dizziness. feeling like that is so horrible i know. please see a doctor and dont try to let it go. oh, and i highly highly dobt its anemia, cus that wouldnt have come on so sudden. If the dizziness cam on with changing position of your head, it could be positional vertigo. It could honestly be anything from anemia- lime disease.

If you aren't dehydrated or exhausted, yes you should call your doctor. Your blood pressure is low also.

You pressure readings look good. However if it does not go away soon I would contact your Doctors. If you are a
female take a preg test. Might be low sugar levels. Believe it or not some people drink too much water? More that 10 Glasses? Have you eat something?
Good Luck

miss sugar 4 eyes...don't be soo dramatic purlease. I'm sure you dont have "cancer/diabetes" or whatever that lunatic said. you probably just have low blood sugar or something. try eating something, and go to doctors for a proper check up.

Yes, call your doctor.

maybe your expecting?lol....

Olivia Doug
could be any number of things- pos. a middle ear infection (you would not necessarily be experiencing pain with this). i can tell you that your blood pressure is slightly higher than one would hope- unless your an oap? but guessing not! which could be the cause of the dizziness. other possibilities are pregnancy, diabetes etc. it could be caused by stress. you are right to be drinking plenty of fluid. make sure you eat well too. if your symptoms do not improve (or deteriorate) in the next 24hrs, then yes, consult your GP. i don't know how you are taking you b.p. but if you are able to it would be worth noting your heart rate also. anything over 80bpm is a bit fast. don't panic though- it is always slightly higher than normal when you know its been monitored 'white coat syndrome'! one last thing- are you passing urine as normal- over or under production may indicate kidney infection (which would also account for the dizziness) Good Luck! wish you well.

Melissa C
Go to the er or your doc soon. Could be something as simple as your eating habits, anemic, maybe vertigo. Sounds a bit more serious to me though..so go get it checked out.

Karlee bug
It is normal to feel this way during pregnancy--- If you are severly bothered by it I would call your doctor. You are doing the right thing by drinking a lot of fluids but also make sure you are eating enough. The baby will pull from you whatever it needs -- so you need to keep almost double of the stores of vitamins and minerals and fluid to keep yourself going. I do not know how far along you are, so this is the best I could help with... By the way , your blood pressure is a little high but still within the normal range... I always run really low 80/50.. Good luck !!!

Dolly Dagger
are you under stress?

Amanda H

If it continues, it wouldn't hurt to hear what your doctor has to say. Maybe your blood sugars are a little out of whack and you do not necessarily have to be a diabetic to experience this. I hope you feel better :)

you my have low blood sugar...those feelings will occure when your blood sugar is low all you need to do is when you feel that way eat a small snack like a sandwich...crackers...something with carbs...and drink some juice with it wait about 10-20 min relax then your blood sugar will come back up.....and if that is what it is go to a drug store and ask for glucose tablets and take those if you feel like that again and cant get 2 food at the time

Sugar Pie
Uh, DUH, yes, call your doctor and go in today! You could have devloped diabetes, cancer, or hormonal problems (even if a guy). Get seen today!

Yep! sounds like Vertigo to me too!! Your blood pressure is normal. If you do black out then get to emergency asap. If it is determined you have vertigo, which I have had previously, your doctor can prescribe head exercises to help you with the dizziness. They work too! There is also another treatment called the Epiley manuever which is a tool about the size of an electric toothbrush the doctor turns on and puts it next to you ear for 3-4 minutes. You start to feel dizzy somewhat but many people feel much better after only 1 or 2 doctor visits. It's really an incredible treatment. I had 7 treatments in 4 weeks and was cured. I was totaly amazed that this little tool allowed me to function normally again without being dizzy any more.

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