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 Can you drink Alcohol on Anti Biotics?
My friend is on anti biotics, i have been told by another friend that you can drink alcolhol on them but another friend says you cant.
Surely if you 'cant' it would say on the box?

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i often sneze twice...why?...

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 Do you think its discusting or wrong to be a lezbian?

Does your pinky raise when you take a drink?
Mine does?! I don't know why but it just does it automatically whenever I take a drink my pinky goes up! My family does it sometimes...is it like a gene thing or is it just a mannerism?
Additional Details
Well my grandpa does it more than me and he's from Brittain so maybe it's like a british thing?

Well it is bad manners but then again, not many of us realize this.

im a normal person and i dont notice those kind of things

steve b
its a sure sign your gay.

Im drinking a choc. martini right now & my pinky is NOT raised.

Sue F
Mine does also. I have British ancestry, so that may be part of the reason. I do also drink tea, not exclusively; but more frequently than coffee. This is definitely an interesting question. I wonder if anyone has done any research into this topic....Have a good night.

lol yup

Big Daddy
yes it does, especially when the glass or bottle i am holding is light. it is a natural occurrence, not necessarily learned or acquired. when drinking, the weight of the glass or bottle usually does not require all your digits to grasp the object / support the weight ergo, the pinky goes up. rich, poor, female, male, whatever race, it simply happens. however, if what you're holding is heavy, your pinky will "help out" and grasp what you're holding.

yes sometimes

I do it too...when doing shots.I think it's a learned behavior.
But if I'm drinking from a glass or bottle I keep my pinky underneath (so that it's supporting) so that my drink doesn't slip through my fingers.

First Lady
Yes....and I don't know why!

Yes, and it bugs the hell out of me. I find that I must concentrate very hard to keep it from happening. Change the grip on the cup, so that all four finger wrap around, but keep your thumb off the container. This should keep your pinky finger in place.

heck if I know but it happens when I play the keyboard too

yes mine does too

Yes mine dose....Not sure about the gene thing...Thanks <:3 }~

It is learned. I don't do it. It serves no purpose.

it is a distinguisted feature

I tuck it in

yeah, it's weird isn't it? some kind of pinky conspiracy.

my pinky always goes up! Me hubby makes fun of me for it..lol..then again my pinky go up when I hand something to people...u know my pinky is always up even when just walkin..lol..
I do come from a sophisticated family that could explain a lot..lol..
some people say snobs do it..lol..some say it's a form of delicacy who knows...lol
have a good day

only when i drink wine

but once i start i get addicted to it

nope mine does not

nah.i dont.

Thick S

yea mine does that haha

mine does too.....maybe we are from british descendants.....would you like a pot of tea and some crumpets?! lol

not sure, need to test this one out with some tequila shots,

EDIT: well the first two shots, no pinky.
but d next fibe wer alternayt betwin pinkee an no pinkeee....
ate won ish depinitly pinnkie

Unidentified Fine Object
Yes, and I think it's incredibly cute. Makes me feel all giddy and girly. But to other people it could also look silly or maybe even flirty.

Mine does to but i only notice it when im drinking a beer. Dont know why.

Hi I am Scottish and have always done that and I dont know why.

It was an upper class thing done here in Victorian times.. started from Royalty...So hey if your right about the gene thing maybe we are related ..or even related to royalty..Thanks bro.

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