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Does smoking marijuana really make you stupid?
I didnt use marijuana last year and i had to repeat a grade. This year i smoke everyday and am passing with A's. Are the anti-drug commercials just saying it makes you stupid or is it really true because my grades have improved alot.
Additional Details
For all you people that think im stupid for smoking pot and say that i didnt try last year. I did try i just have little concentration when it comes to meaningless tasks of school work. Smoking a bowl of marijuana before school helps me keep concentrated and i can finish an ordinary test that would take me an hour in 30-40 minutes when im high

no but it gets u high

Nope, but extended use can lead to clouding of the brain. However, marijuana is overall harmless. It's the best drug.

they kill brain cells, and you failed because you didnt try, drugs has nothing to do with it, and you shouldnt, their illegal and you can go to jail for a very very long time if your caught. Drug free is the way to be.

marijuana effects everyone differently. it made me psychotic but i got A's too. it gave me insights but lost me relationships. but that's just me. for you it could be totally different. it makes some people stupid, it makes some people smarter. it makes most people lazy and forgetful. but it makes everyone high, so high.

alex l
no .

Of course not man. Huffing nitrous makes you stupid.

It doesn't make you stupid, but there is proof that brain cells die from it's use, and there are genetic changes to your bodies reproductive cells which will impact on any children you ever have.

IT does kill your brain cells,, but probably makes u more focused at school, because your afraid to get caught, Because It is illegal,,, Or maybe you have finially been eating your wheaties at breakfast! (MUNCHIES)

Joey R
ohh noooo (sarcasm). It just shrinks the volume of your brain (truth)

you lose your memory from what i hear, not stupid!

It kills brain cells which can affect your memory.
By any chance, are you ADHD? It seems that people who are can focus better after smoking...I think it slows down the brain or something. Just a possible solution to your question.

What your doing very wrong!! I seen people on it long time, when you see them again there mind very slow thinking,
no since going in details. no i never and never will want on any thing like that.I want keep my brains the way they are.
happy good thinking and can remember things.

Sassy's Dimples
I honestly don't know but its funny cuz i believe it depends on the person. for example when most people smoke marijuana it makes their memory bad but it actually improves my girlfriend's memory. i been smoking for about three to four years and i feel it hasn't changed anything about me

Sue J
You are repeating the grade - of course it is easier - only someone made stupid from smoking weed would not realize that.

It's the paranoid behaviour and social misconduct that we will all suffer later that really pisses me off about drug users.

Jonathan T
Maybe it's just you. You know...Smoking marijuana makes you feel good. Thats why you feel good. The drugs are making you feel good but actually you are getting C's on your report cards.

Although marijuana is fun, it should not be used during your studies. You need 100% of your concentration and that can't be achieved while stoned. I think you may need to reevaluate the reason your grades improved and run with that. But it's not the marijuana. Save that for later in your life (when you graduate).

Yea it destroys brain cells, it doesnt make you stupid it makes you clumsy. Like putting a gallon of orange juice inside your closet, instead of the fridge.

norman davis
use marijuana everyday then, let's see what would happen
( you are sooo dead) lol

It affects people differently. It can make your short term memory go, so if you're doing well now, beware you finals. That info from the begining of the year might not be there anymore.

Alice K
It causes long-term loss of short-term memory. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but it's coming, trust me.

It effects blood flow to the memory and learning parts of your brain. It really does effect you. You can't remember a lot and you can't take in to much info at once.

From experience, I can tell you that it HAS effected my memory. When you're high you can be in mid-sentance and forget what you were saying.. but it doesn't stop there. Your memory really gets messed up. I always lose my train of thought anymore, I repeat things all the time, ask the same questions twice, etc. I'm much more confused nowadays. so.. YES.

As a mental health and drug counselor with 20+ years experience, now retired, and one who has toked a few myself over the years, I can unquestionably say YES, marijuana smoking on a regular daily basis can clearly make you stupid. Just because you had the experience you delineate in your history, the facts of observed usage by thousands of subjects over time cannot be erased. And, understand, I'm one who KNOWS that marijuana is not nearly as dangerous for your brain and general overall health as alcohol, so, don't jump to any "conclusions" that I'm just "anti-drug" in my answers. Alcohol, a drug as well, is a whole lot worse than marijuana ever thought of being. God Bless you.

Lana L

What, what, what??
You're really stupid if you think your A's are associated to the ingestion of pot. Don't screw up your life. My ex is a chronic user, a very smart man, but it has had serious effects (neurological, psychological, and physiological) over time.

You are using it as a "crutch." You are repeating a grade, meaning you are learning and retaining more through repetition (not through the concentration you think has been brought on by the dope--in fact, it has NEVER been found to increase concentration--more than likely YOU (not the pot) have to force YOURSELF to concentrate more because you're high)...has this ever occurred to you? If you study stoned, it has been shown that you will need to take tests stoned. You can ignore all the warnings you have been given here, and find all the excuses that you want to in order to smoke MJ. I'm an adult now, in my midlife. I have been there, done that...and I have seen what it does. Yes, there are much more worse things to ingest than pot. And, in the short term, you really don't see the effects that it has. The commercials are not conspiracy driven propaganda campaigns...they are created by people who have seen the long term effects, etc. Pot does have its issues. I have also succeeded without it (I'm an A student). But, don't take my word for it...apparently I don't know jack sh*t. You are no different that the millions who have smoked it. Why? Because we're all the same specie.

Give yourself more credit--learn to learn without it and still retain the grades. That's like an alcoholic saying that they need the booze to relate better to others (while in reality they are making a complete as* out of themselves). The truth is not always pretty.

Daniel T
That was a stupid question. You are getting higher scores because you are repeating a grade .... get it?

Altered Beast
Well, they say it makes you forgetful and............. What was the question again?

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